This Is What Happens When Michelle Obama And Oprah Join Forces

For the first-ever United State of Women summit in Washington, D.C., inspirational figures took the stage in droves, delivering speech after empowering speech on everything from entrepreneurship and economic opportunity to domestic violence. President Barack Obama delivered a heavy-hitting address that reminded us of the true definition of feminism, which preceded a powerful dialogue between his wife, Michelle Obama, and Oprah. Arguably two of today’s most prolific women, Oprah led the conversation with FLOTUS, who discussed brushing off the haters, coming into her role as First Lady, raising her daughters and having a good relationship with oneself. She concluded the address by encouraging men to “be better”—to which the crowd erupted in applause—and articulating how they, too, can aid in the movement for total gender equality. Here, inspiring tidbits from their epic conversation (and watch their entire video here).

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Michelle Obama And Oprah On Womanhood