7 Weird And Wonderful Ways Weed Has Gone Mainstream

One of our favorite shows of all-time is Weeds, the Showtime series about a suburban mom who becomes a high-stakes marijuana dealer in order to support her family. Back when the show premiered (just ten years ago), weed was still viewed by the mainstream as a drug to be be defeated; my, how the tides have turned! As America begins to look to holistic options for healing, anxiety reduction and more, marijuana has been reclaimed by those who are wellness-oriented as a miracle treatment for just about everything. Here, seven ways Mary Jane is going mainstream.


Wellness Beverages

Trendy coastal restaurants, e.g. Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles, have begun offering drinks that include CBD oil in their list of ingredients. You can also buy CBD-stacked wellness shots, such as Torii Lab's Re-Leaf, or Emergen-C-like powders, like those sold by Aceso, with just a click. This non-psychoactive substance (read: It won't get you high) has purported health benefits including pain, anxiety and insomnia reduction.


Weed Workouts

If you watch Chelsea Handler's Netflix show, you may remember she once got high and then tried to work out, with less-than-impressive results. Still, many swear by this technique now, including the author of a book called Ganja Yoga. The problem with recommending it en masse, however, is that everyone's response to weed is different (as you can attest if you're one of those people who can't move for hours after a hit). There's also no science yet to back up the claims of those who say it's beneficial to an exercise regimen.


Gourmet Edibles

Once upon a time, "edibles" mainly referred to homemade brownies of dubious origin. Now, people have entire cookbooks dedicated to the art of cooking with weed, including such delicacies as Baked Artichoke, Crab, and Cannabis Dip and Cannabis Ceviche.

Marley Naturals

The Beauty Aisle

Apparently, cannabis can make us look younger, too. Companies like CannaCeuticals and Kannaway are leading the path in this category, and we assume the illicit-sounding ingredients will soon make their way to more mainstream beauty brands. Cannabis-based skincare products are also said to help when applied topically for aches and pains.


Design-Forward Happy Hour Accessories

Some people feel very comfortable—too comfortable, to some critics—with marijuana. Others are just starting to acquaint themselves as it becomes legal in their states. For the latter, or for the former who just want to look chic while indulging, there is a whole new category of design-forward vaporizers that come pre-loaded with the proper amount of oil for socializing purposes. Beboe is one of the companies making products you would feel très chic pulling out during happy hour, as your less modern friends sip cosmos like it's 1999.

Flow Kana


As weed becomes legal in some places, growers are leaving their basements and returning to natural, organic farming. So, just like your tomatoes, your weed is now best if grown sans chemicals and in natural light. Flow Kana is one of the many companies dedicated to creating such "healthful" products.


Bed & Breakfasts

When you reach a certain age, vineyard tours can be a bit rough on your system, as hangovers kick in earlier and earlier in the day. It's no surprise, then, that in states where marijuana is legal, weed-centric bed and breakfasts (or "bud and breakfasts," as some are called) are beginning to pop up. Think of these as being like high-school afterparties, held in Victorian homes, with grown-ups in attendance and no chance of being "busted."