The Love Actually Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For Is Finally Here

Months ago, when we first heard rumblings about a sequel to one of the most beloved holiday flicks of all time—ahem, Love Actually—we marked our calendars in anticipation of Red Nose Day. Not only did this day (May 25) mark the campaign run by nonprofit Comic Relief Inc. to raise money for impoverished youth, but it also served as the reboot’s unveiling date. Yes, the movie that stole our hearts back in 2003 has finally delivered its long-awaited follow-up, albeit in miniature. All 16 minutes of the sequel can actually be viewed right here:

As you’ll notice, the short film picks up 14 years after the holiday classic’s end, and it stars the major ensemble cast we fell head over heels for all those years ago: Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth and Liam Neeson, to name a few. While we could’ve predicted some of these story lines (we’re looking at you, Jamie and Aurelia), other plot points totally caught us by surprise—from Joanna and Sam’s now all-grown-up romance to Sarah and, wait, husband McDreamy? And of course Rowan Atkinson makes a cameo to reprise his original role as jewelry salesman Rufus.

P.S. To find out what happens between the Prime Minister and his love interest, Natalie, we recommend you watch the sequel for yourself. Ah, the feels.