Leandra Medine Is Our Hero Today For This Reason

We may live in the age of oversharing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few topics which remain taboo to discuss, particularly for influencers or celebrities. Miscarriage is one such topic—though studies show that 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in this tragic way, our news feeds tend to be far more populated with stories of successful pregnancies than they are with less happy tales. So, when we clicked into a Man Repeller article, written by site founder Leandra Medine, entitled “The Baby I Lost, The Person I’m Finding” today, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we read moved us to tears, and elevated Leandra from being a cool girl we love to one of our newest heroes. Her brave retelling of a traumatic and heartbreaking experience will undoubtedly make hundreds of women feel less alone in their own fertility struggles while empowering them, in turn, to share their stories with those who may need to hear them as well. We’re sending her lots of love, big hugs and above all, our admiration. Thank you for sharing your story, Leandra.