Kim Kardashian West Credits This Ingredient For Saving Her Skin

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian West has some of the most glowing, radiant skin we’ve ever seen on a person. It’s also no secret that Kim has access to plenty of skincare professionals and services to keep her complexion in amazing shape and slow down the aging process. However, the reality star and businesswoman actually knows how to take care of herself at home and is well versed in which products and ingredients work best for her. She recently served as a model for makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic‘s master class in New York City and shared some skincare tips with the audience. Like many of us, she’s a fan of serums, but there’s one ingredient that sticks out from the rest. She told the crowd that she swears by hyaluronic acid for added moisture prior to applying serums all over her face and neck. After applying both, she follows up with a moisturizer to keeps everything super smooth, but it all starts with hyaluronic acid. For those of you not familiar with hyaluronic acid, it’s a powerful antiaging agent that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water—so, yes, it’s very hydrating. It also helps your skin better absorb any products that are applied afterward, making your skincare routine so much more worth it.

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