Justin Bieber Deletes Instagram, World Freaks Out

Justin Bieber has quit Instagram. Social media ridicule finally took its toll this week, as the Purpose Tour headliner deleted his social media account (his Twitter seemingly remains in good standing) after threatening to make his profile private when the barrage of negative commentary about his rumored-relationship with Sofia Richie proved too much.

Instead, Justin went totally off the grid (a public spat with Selena Gomez may have been a deciding factor, though she’s since apologized for her comments), leaving Beliebers to wonder if it’s too late now to say sorry as they contemplate fault, bewilderment and sadness—there’s even a dedicated hashtag, #JustinDeactivatedParty, pertaining to the news.

Though the Biebs might have considered Instagram’s new feature to halt the haters before his vanishing act, it’s understandable that no one, not even celebrities, can take that amount of incessant trolling. While we expect Justin will eventually return to the platform, here’s hoping he finds some resolution (not unlike our very own editor) in quitting the app for now.