We’re Freaking Out Over These New iPhone Features

If there’s anything we get suckered into more than purchasing a brand new iPhone, it’s downloading a new iPhone feature, which basically translates to a free upgrade for our beloved smart gadgets. Granted, sometimes these immediate updates initially cause more trouble than they’re worth (e.g., potentially slow performance), but other times they turn out to be major game-changers—and this latest one is evidently bound to be the latter. iOS 11, Apple’s latest and possibly greatest software, comes with five key features that are almost guaranteed to better your life. Upon its launch, iPhone users will be able to run multiple apps side by side; transfer money à la Venmo; introduce themselves to a new and improved Siri (she’ll sound less like a ’90s robot and more like your personal assistant); attempt augmented reality, which will undoubtedly improve your interior design skills; and—wait for it—enter a “Do Not Disturb” mode while driving, which just might have the ability to save lives. Better yet, the upgrade will be available for recent iPhones, not just the highly anticipated iPhone 8 to be released later this month. With features like these, it’s pretty clear that we’re not staying off our smartphones anytime soon.