Iconic Clueless Fashion That’s Back On Trend

If you can believe it, Clueless turns 21-years-old today. Back in 1995, when the film was made, grunge was all the rage, but costume designer Mona May decided that Cher and Dionne would have nothing to do with flannel and all of the other trappings of the trend. Instead, she gave them iconic wardrobes plucked from her imagination, and some of the looks she created have, in the course of 21 years, made it back into the mainstream. Here, seven it-girl-approved trends from Clueless that you can wear today.

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Mary Janes

Seen recently on multiple runways (think Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada and Dior), the Mary Jane has returned to the style scene by way of bedazzled heels and platforms.

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Chokers have been back for quite some time now. Looking for the freshest version? Try chokers made from metals, stones and chains. Shop the trend here.

Everett Collection


As seen everywhere—from the gorgeous gowns of the 2016 CFDA carpet to the casual street style of Alexa Chung—this bold hue is still au courant.

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Thanks to an ongoing '90s resurgence, the flannel-and-vintage-denim vibe is stronger than ever.

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Layered Slips

Baby tees worn under slip silhouettes are everywhere again, thanks to that aforementioned '90s resurgence (and Anna Sui).

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The key to keeping this look fashion-forward? A strategic mix of activewear and elevated fashion. Shop the trend here.

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Velvet is poised for a major moment this fall, thanks to the likes of labels like Vetements, who are bringing the retro fabric back to the forefront.