Game-Changing Tips From A Seasoned Makeup Artist

by Stephanie Montes

The internet is flooded with beauty tips but when it comes to new and innovative ways to get the most out of your makeup routine, it’s best to seek guidance from the pros. We tapped Kat Von D Beauty global makeup artist Erik Soto for the go-to tricks he swears by. Here, get his secrets for maximizing your get-pretty routine and looking your best all day and well into the night.

Class Is In Session

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Mix A Primer And Liquid Lipstick

Ran out of blush? Mix a sheer primer with your favorite liquid lipstick shade and apply it with a makeup sponge. The result will be a sheer flush that is guaranteed to last (and last).

Don't Blot Your Lips Together

When applying lipstick, refrain from blotting your lips onto each other as this unevenly distributes oils in the product, leaving it patchy on your pucker. Instead, apply a thin layer on each lip and let it dry completely before blotting with a tissue.

Set Your Lipstick With Eye Shadow

Bored with your go-to lipstick shade? Revamp it (while setting it to last all day) by dusting an eye shadow over your lipstick with a fluffy shadow brush. Use a metallic formula in the same shade to make lips pop, or try a contrasting hue for a modern ombré effect.

Turn An Eye Shadow Into A Highlighter

Highlighters look great when you first put them on but thoughout the day, they tend to lose their luster. Make your own long-lasting illuminator by mixing a pearlescent eye shadow with your primer and applying it with your fingers onto the high points of your face. Now you can shine bright all day.