All The Fake Holidays We Celebrated In 2016

Everybody loves a fake holiday. Whether we’re honoring selfies or the existence of our furry friends, these moments get us out of rote and remind us that each day is special, proving that we can actually go 24 hours without our beloved smartphones (a.k.a. National Day of Unplugging) or leave the house minus the cat-eye and matte lip (if you dared to go bare for No Makeup Day, that is). Of course, they’re purely for entertainment—you can even create one yourself!—but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t need a few of these to get through 2016. Here, a list of the fake holidays we shamelessly took part in this year.

June 21

Selfies truly are an art. From over-the-top posing to mastering the right angle, we experimented with all the crops and filters until we could find the perfect shot. Full disclosure: We're still trying.

May 13

We weren't sure if we were celebrating the martini or the dress, so we poured ourselves a few glasses while donning Elizabeth Taylor-inspired frocks. Win-win.

October 4

We binged on chicken and carnitas, washing them down with that Russian water in honor of its co-holiday, National Vodka Day. (Next time, we'll stick to margaritas.) Any coincidence this was also the night of the vice presidential debate?

October 29

There's a reason it's called a catwalk, so we chose to recognize this day by combining our crazy cat lady tendencies with the classic trend of leopard prints (spotted on the runways at Gucci and Alexander Wang).

February 15

No, we weren't sad about this day (as the acronym suggests). Instead we chose to celebrate our independence and individual accomplishments, knowing full well that our lives are just as fulfilling whether or not we're hitched.

December 8

We took a stab at a few recipes of gooey, chocolate-y goodness, from a brownie-filled French toast to cookie dough brownie bites, which cemented our belief that this is one fake holiday we'll be celebrating for years to come.

September 29

Of course, none of us would be alive at this hour without our trusty cups of joe, so it was only fitting to give recognition to our Mae West—with mouth-watering #coffeegrams and caffeine-infused beauty treatments, no less.

October 22

Not just a political statement, the pantsuit also represents the modern woman's wardrobe, so we took a page out of Hillary Clinton's book and put on our power uniforms in the perfect salute to a more successful year. Looking forward to you, 2017.