Expert Tips: How To Stay Glowing In The Winter

The holiday season is no doubt a magical time of year, but the winter weather that comes with it can do a number to one’s skin. With your complexion in mind, we turned to one of our favorite facialists in town, Sara Tuberville, to inquire about the best practices for preserving moisture, deflecting UV rays and enhancing radiance in the chilly climate. Hopping on a plane? She has game-changing tips for all-things travel-related too. Now, go get glowing!

A Q&A With Sara Tuberville of SKIN Santa Monica:

What should one do before and after traveling to keep skin glowing? 1) Get a hydrating facial with light exfoliation close to the date of your flight.

2) Red LED light-therapy session(s). These FDA-approved, non-invasive light treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase hydration levels and promote overall radiance. You see a visible difference after one, though benefits increase every session. Perfect pre/post flight to ensure a glowing complexion.

3) Vitamin Cocktail: Literally, a topical shot of vitamins for skin. I freshly mix up a customized cocktail of super hydrators, vitamins and peptides and apply to skin, then run ultrasound over it to safely infuse concoction deep into skin, which looks immediately plumped up and revitalized. Note: I specifically created Vitamin Cocktail to hydrate the travel-parched complexions of my jet-setting clients (and we mere mortals). It’s incredibly effective for pre/post flight, or anytime skin calls out a moisture S.O.S.

4) DermaPlaning. This souped up, elegant version of face shaving lightly sloughs dead, dry skin cells while safely removing excess facial hair. The visible difference in your face afterwards is nothing short of staggering. Light reflects better off a complexion without its dulling peach fuzz, plus moisturizer penetrates more efficiently, keeping skin better protected from winter-time elements.

Isun Ultra Restore ($92), January Labs Revitalizing Day Cream ($68)

Do you have any favorite products that can be used in-flight? My go-to moisturizers for air travel are January Labs Revitalizing Day Cream or Isun Ultra Restore. They’re each loaded with powerful antioxidants and are incredibly nourishing. I top moisturizer off with Sunkiller sunblock, a stellar sunscreen I get (and sell) from Japan. I skip foundation, as dry cabin air makes it look cakey in a New York minute. I also apply Isun Herb Infused Shea Butter to my lips & cuticles. Note: UV rays are incredibly strong at high altitude, so after you’ve meditated on the pretty clouds, pull the shade down. If you’re lucky, the person across the aisle will do the same.

Isehan Sunkiller Sunscreen ($12), Isun Herb-Infused Shea Butter ($48)

How should one alter their daily regime during the colder months to keep skin looking it’s best? Like different clothing, your complexion requires its own winter wardrobe. Choose gentler cleansing and exfoliating products and a more hydrating moisturizer. Skip harsh, gritty scrubs/cleansers, and reduce exfoliating to just once or twice a week. I like X-Trap Gentle Face Wash by Sircuit Cosmeceuticals for gentle, thorough cleansing.

For winter-sloughing I use either January Labs Power Peel Exfoliant, a gentle, cinnamon-based peel that leaves skin lighter & brighter, or Polish by Osmosis, a cranberry-based enzyme that lightly sloughs (and smells heavenly) without over-drying.

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals X-Trap Gentle Face Wash ($38), January Labs Power Peel Exfoliant ($75), Osmosis Polish Mask ($44)

What type of ingredients should one look for and/or avoid during the colder months? Look for hydrating serums and moisturizers containing non-clogging oils such as argan, apricot kernal, olive, jojoba, flaxseed or rosehip seed oil. Epidermal growth factors are skin proteins that are also excellent. During the day, don’t forget to top skin creams with sunscreen: skin-damaging UV rays still lurk in winter! Avoid over-usage of retinol/Retin-A products, as dry air make these wonder products a bit less wonderful…and a lot more drying. Skip to every two or three nights and top with moisturizer.

How often do you recommend exfoliating during the winter? Once or twice a week is generally fine.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation ($66)

Do you have a favorite moisturizing foundation or concealer? I’ve found that moisturizing foundations just tend to look a bit ‘makeup-y’. Moisture is most effective coming from serums and moisturizers that lay right next to the face. I use Oxygenetix foundation daily, a ‘treatment’ foundation that’s breathable, is high definition for great photos, is waterproof/smudgeproof, has SPF 15, and helps heal & calm skin from peels, lasers or general skin redness & irritation. It’s also fabulous for daily use. Once it’s on, you can look at your face in a magnifying mirror and literally not see it, though skin looks flawless! I apply it to clients after facials for quick post-facial calming. Go lightly (or not at all) with powder on skin in winter, it’s generally not needed.

Are there any common myths about winter weather and dry skin you can demystify? Cool, wet weather is actually fine for skin, as long as it’s properly protected. Indoor heat is the real complexion wrecker. And even in winter you still need to use a daily SPF!

Tribest Humio 2 Humidifier ($90), Dr. Mercola Astaxanthin capsules ($22)

Any other tips/tricks for keeping skin it’s best during the cold? Place a humidifier in the room you sleep in and use it every night; though simple & humble, it makes an astonishing difference in skin quality and hydration level. Recall how pretty skin looks in a humid environment…humidifiers emulate this! Plus, nasal passages and throat are much comfortable.

I also suggest taking EFA (essential fatty acid) capsules twice a day to up skin moisture levels, they help skin to retain all water you’re hopefully drinking (half your body weight in ounces). Take two capsules both morning & night. I like Dr. Mercola Astaxanthin capsules, as you get a powerhouse antioxidant (astaxanthin) from salmon-skin along with the Omega 3’s.

Don clothing layers to keep warm and lower the thermostat. The cooler you keep your home the healthier and prettier skin will be. It loses an incredible amount of moisture with higher thermostat settings. I try to keep mine set between 68-70. I wear lots of layers and cashmere fingerless gloves around the house!