You Have To See The Celebrity Video Everyone Is Talking About

With a growing number of women coming forward to accuse Donald Trump of harassment, sexual assault survivors of all ages and backgrounds have united in one video to share their stories and speak out against the Republican presidential candidate. Social media-based organization Humanity For Hillary posted a short film featuring women who are victims of sexual assault as well as A-list celebrities like Amber Tamblyn and Meryl Streep who repeat the words “it’s not okay” to address today’s rape culture.

“I think people like Donald Trump will never understand the correlation that women understand between words and actions,” Tamblyn said. “Especially when you’re a man in a position of power and you talk that way publicly, you are telling the world that it’s okay to behave that way.”

The hashtag #ItsNotOk began trending on Twitter after a recording of Trump making lewd remarks about women went viral on October 7. (His campaign has dismissed the comments as “locker room talk.”) Celebrities such as Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, who also make appearances in the video, have since called out Trump’s actions, telling voters that it’s never acceptable for women to be objectified. Watch their PSA here.