5 TV Moments That Made The Internet Lose Its Mind This Year

Sometimes, we are so over the internet. Other times, it literally makes our day. Almost nothing is more fun than collectively watching a hit show with hundreds of thousands of other fans on social media. As we edge toward the Emmys next week, we thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most jaw-dropping (or ridicule-worthy) moments in television this year over which the internet collectively lost its mind. Here, five of our favorites—four from Emmy-nominated shows and one from the show that would presumably be sweeping the Emmys were it eligible. PS: Tweet at us @TheZoeReport with your favorite TV memes of the year!


This Emmy Season Was A Real Roller Coaster


This Is Us' Unfulfilling Finale

The This Is Us season 1 finale was a real nail-biter, as fans held their breath waiting for a big reveal on how (spoiler alert) Jack died. It never came. Luckily, season 2 starts September 26, though there's no guarantee it'll answer this, our most important question of 2017.


The Handmaid's Tale's Real Life Parallel

The Handmaid's Tale was definitely one of the biggest cultural moments of 2017, but it wasn't necessarily the show itself which spawned many a meme. Instead, it was legislation which sparked the use of The Handmaid's Tale in politically bent memes, like this one.


The Big Little Lies Soundtrack

We still have quite a few questions about Big Little Lies, but this is one of the most burning.


Stranger Things' Breakout Character

Stranger Things aired in 2016 but still counts for this year, as it's nominated for this TV season's Emmys. If you watched the show, you know that Barb was everything when it comes to internet reactions. This wasn't one of the most viral tweets, but it's one of our favorites nonetheless. We're so down for a Barb spinoff—do you hear us, Netflix?


Conflicting Game Of Thrones Feels

Not since Jon Snow died has has Twitter been so aflutter with commentary around a specific Game of Thrones plot point. Though GoT is not eligible for this year's Emmys due to its timing, we couldn't help but include this hilarious reaction to the unnatural coupling between Jon and his aunt Dany, as it was a part of what was undoubtedly one of the best water-cooler moments of the year.