The Best Appetizer To Bring To A Holiday Party

With a looming iCal full of holiday soirees, nailing the perfect appetizer to bring along is just as important as showing up dressed to impress. We enlisted Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen to whip up a crowd-pleasing dish that promises oohs and aahs from your fellow partygoers—and the best part is, it’s a cinch to make. Watch this tutorial for a foolproof (and totally gorgeous) rainbow tartine perfect for any potluck meal you might be attending this season—it only looks as if you spent hours making it (we promise not to tell otherwise).

Ingredients & Instructions:

1 large slice of sourdough bread (enough for 6 small sections from the large slice)

1/4 cup soft cheese

1 cup or 8 oz fresh produce

1 tablespoon of each garnish

Salt and pepper to taste

For red: Cream cheese (or mascarpone), quartered strawberries, sherry vinegar

For orange: Thinly sliced persimmon with romesco sauce (can be store-bought or homemade) and prosciutto

For yellow: Curried tumeric yogurt, roasted butternut squash

For green: Crushed avocado, chili oil, salt

For purple: Cream cheese, blueberries, blackerries, honey, chopped sage

For white: Butter, thinly sliced radish, sea salt

For all of the tartines, spread the bread generously with the creamy base (cream cheese, avocado, sauce). Layer the fresh produce on top, and garnish with desired garnishes. Slice into small sections, and enjoy!