8 Podcasts To Subscribe To ASAP

Great to stream while getting ready for work, maintaining your mani/pedi, sitting in traffic or during any other moment of you time, podcasts have become our new knights in shining armor. In the mood for some mindless humor? There’s a show for that. Perhaps you’re feigning for something a bit more intellectual? Many a podcast fits the bill. Here, eight entertaining programs we can’t get enough of.

Oh Boy

Leandra Medine and her team have already won us over with their witty fashion and lifestyle content on Man Repeller, and now they've expanded their smarty-pants antics to our ears with Oh Boy. In each episode, TMR's Jay Buir will have one-on-one conversations with cool, inspiring women. If the inaugural program is any indication, the series promises plenty of entertaining banter.

Mystery Show

In Mystery Show, This American Life producer Starlee Kine solves random mysteries whose answers can't be found on the internet. (For example: "How tall is Jake Gyllenhall?") Users are encouraged to submit unsolved questions to Kine for the show—her only rule is that the answer can't be found just by Googling.

Whistling in the Dark

Hosted by TV exec Shannon Fitzgerald, Whistling In The Dark's self-proclaimed "semi-embarrassing conversations with kind of important people" are a delight for the pop-culture obsessed—guests range from entertainment bigwigs to fashion designers. Fun fact: Fitzgerald is responsible for discovering the Kardashian family and producing the pilot of their now infamous show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

HBR Ideacast

HBR Ideacast is a great listen for career motivation during your morning commute into the office. Each episode, averaging between 10 and 20 minutes, is a digital recap of Harvard Business Review magazine that features leading thinkers in business and management.

Pop Rocket

Pop Rocket is a weekly roundtable on what’s happening in pop culture. From the more academic, hot-button issues to the downright ridiculous, host Guy Branum dives into it all with a crew of smart and funny panelists.


Startup is a documentary-style podcast on—you guessed it—what it’s like to go through the process of trying to successfully launch a startup. The first season chronicles the launch of the company that produces the podcast (how meta) and the host, Alex Blumberg, previously served as a producer for This American Life (lending the show major cred).

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a unique program that imparts all kinds of wisdom to the listener, covering a range of topics you probably have and haven't wondered about. Addressing the lighthearted, the serious and everything in between, hosts Charles Bryant and Josh Clark always keep the tone upbeat with their friendly rapport.


Bullseye is highly regarded by one Team Zoe staffer as "the best interview show ever"—with guests in show biz that run the gamut from lesser-known names to RuPaul and Dolly Parton. Many guests you may not recognize by name—but once their story is explained and contextualized, everything clicks and fascinating conversations ensue.