2016 Oscars: All the Best Moments

After a stunning red carpet–which saw our favorite couple of all time reunited–the Oscars kicked off tonight with a bang delivered by the brilliant comedic force known as host Chris Rock. More laughter followed as #OscarsSoWhite controversy became fodder for jokes and film parodies alike. Here are the most memorable moments of the night, whether they made us laugh, cry or, in some cases, cringe.

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Chris Rock Crushed His Opening Monologue

In what was probably one of the most anticipated opening monologues in Oscars history, Chris Rock didn't pull any punches. He skewered Jada Pinkett Smith for boycotting the show, joking that she hadn't been invited in the first place, and made fun of the boycott in general with a series of controversial jokes. He also included a bit in which he poked fun at the #AskHerMore campaign, asserting that it's not sexist to ask women what they're wearing as the only reason the men aren't asked the same is that they all wear identical outfits. He joked, "If George Clooney showed up wearing a lime-green suit with a swan coming out his ass, they'd ask, 'What are you wearing, George?'" Read the entire monologue here.

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Stacey Dash Wished Everyone a 'Happy Black History Month'

Fox News Correspondent and Clueless star Stacey Dash followed a bit by Chris Rock decrying the lack of opportunities for black actors by appearing on stage to wish everyone a 'happy Black History Month'. Stacey has been famously outspoken in her belief that things like Black History Month and BET should not exist. Read more on the reasoning behind her awkward appearance here.

Chrissy Teigen's reaction face spoke for all of us on this one.

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Angela Bassett Hosted a Black History Month Minute

The skit, which appeared to be setting up to honor Will Smith for "being an inspiration to his people," instead pivoted to honor Jack Black. Here's hoping the Smith family isn't watching tonight... yikes! Watch the "Black History Month Minute" here.

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Chris Rock Sold Girl Scout Cookies

In what might officially be the most adorable Oscars moment of all time, Chris Rock seized his big moment onstage as an opportunity to shill Girl Scout Cookies on behalf of his daughters. Christian Bale bought thin mints.

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Jacob Tremblay Stood for Star Wars

When Jacob Tremblay--who wore Star Wars socks to tonight's Oscars--stood to better see Stars Wars robots BB-8, R2-D2, and C-3PO onstage, we were all reminded of how magical the movies can be.

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Lady Gaga Gave Us Chills

After Vice President Joe Biden took to the podium to deliver a stirring speech denouncing rape culture and sexual assault on campuses, Lady Gaga gave an incredibly powerful performance of "Til It Happens to You" that moved us to tears. Earlier tonight, Lady Gaga dedicated her performance to Kesha on Twitter.

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Leo Won, and Everyone Was Happy

Never have we seen a more enthusiastic response at the Oscars than that which Leonardo DiCaprio received from his peers upon winning Best Actor. His acceptance speech included a lengthy plea for action regarding climate change, which culminated in him saying, "Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted." All told, we think the speech held its own against this widely-circulated spoof, and we definitely echo this fan's sentiments regarding Kate Winslet's sweet reaction to his win.