Tricks To Steal From The New Queen Of Instagram

It’s been a battle royale on Instagram the last couple weeks with the news of Kim Kardashian dethroning Beyonce as the most followed account on the platform. But as of today, it’s Taylor Swift who is the reigning queen of Insta, touting an impressive 45.5 million followers. With the ladies’ follower counts remaining neck and neck, we’re sure there are more shake-ups to come—but in the meantime, we’re taking a look at T.Swift’s feed to crack the code on what got her to the #1 spot. Here, 3 core categories to inundate your fans with to potentially score a fraction (or a fraction of a fraction) of the pop star’s follower count. (We can dream, okay?)

#1: Cats

Wanna get like Taylor? Post photos (and videos) of felines—many, many felines. Cats doing meerkat poses, cats stretching, cats sitting in chairs, cats interacting with famous people, cats meowing, cats cuddling—do all of it.

Photos: @taylorswift


#2: Your Squad

Show off how many friends you have as often (and in the most grandiose ways) as you can. Even if you're not strutting your stuff onstage in front of thousands of people, you can still go for the good ol' swan float, photobooth or candid strolling pic instead.

#3: Kitchen Parties

Combining the aforementioned squad element with food, there's nothing not to love about a kitchen party—especially if guests routinely include supermodels, pop stars and DJs.