United Flights Are Super Cheap Right Now, Because They Want Us To Like Them Again

From now on, whenever we’re going through a tough time, we’re going to say to ourselves, “at least we aren’t United Airlines in the spring of 2017.” The company has been dealing with some bad luck that goes far beyond any Mercury-in-retrograde disasters we’ve ever experienced. All this horrible publicity is sad for those who work for the airline or own the airline, but it’s good news for us. Airfares have reportedly dropped as a result of lower demand for travel with United, and as we’re neither a doctor nor a giant bunny (too soon?), we feel comfortable taking advantage of these newly cheap flights. According to Travel + Leisure , you can get to Europe from the US for less than $500 this summer, by way of what some are calling “apology fares.” If you’re still a little iffy about flying the airline in light of recent events, take heart that it’s now offering up to $10,000 in vouchers for those who voluntarily opt out of overbooked flights. Oh, and the fact that you can no longer be kicked off a flight after boarding.