This Tiny Italian Town Will Pay You To Move There

Sometimes, we all imagine we could have better lives elsewhere—somewhere simpler, somewhere more picturesque, somewhere with a lot of pizza. Today, we are strongly considering testing out this dream by relocating to Bormida, a tiny Italian village that is offering people $2,100 to move within its borders. The town in the northwestern part of the country has been dealing with a dwindling population—it currently boasts just 394 residents—and is trying to lure new residents via this pot of money. The money isn’t the only sweetener on offer, however: The town also offers homes for rent that are between $50 and $130 per month. We’re not the best at math, but we think this means you could conceivably live in Bormida for 42 months just using the resettlement fee you’re gifted upon arrival. If you’re not currently googling “How long can I stay in Italy as a tourist?” slash “Are there men in Bormida, Italy?” your spirit is broken. The answer to the former is 90 days (summer, anyone?) while the answer to the latter is “probably not.” As one resident told The Guardian, “There is nothing much to do here. But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress.” We started weeping uncontrollably when we read that statement which, we think, means it might be time for us to pack our bags. You can follow the town’s mayor here for more information.