Is This The Hotel Of The Future?

Imagine if, every time you went on a vacation, you donated to worthy causes just by shacking up in a hotel each night of your escape? Jeremy Cowart, a photographer and entrepreneur, hopes to make this dream scenario a reality with The Purpose Hotel, a project he’s currently funding via Kickstarter. Everything associated with your stay in this hotel, if and when it’s funded and built, will drive some sort of charitable initiative. Each time you book a room, for example, a child will be sponsored. Internet fees will go to fight human trafficking. Products found in the room (shampoo, etc.) will be sourced from ethical companies doing good in some way. This is Cowart’s dream.

It’s a well-documented fact at this point that millennials prefer to support companies that give back in some way, so could The Purpose Hotel be pioneering the accommodations of the future? We think so. If you consider the myriad options when you travel, wouldn’t you prefer to stay somewhere that uses the funds from your stay to benefit those in need instead of further lining the pockets of hoteliers? Cowart is still short of his goal, so to support the cause and help make history, go here to donate before September 1.