It’s Official: You Need Some Big Girl Stationery

We love satellite-powered forms of communication (i.e. texting, emailing, tweeting, Snapchatting and the like) just as much as the next millennial, but there is still no channel more sentimental than snail mail. Thus, in an effort to supplement your digital dialogue with some more classical correspondence, we sought out a selection of stationery that is so alluring, you’ll feel compelled to use it. So go ahead, scope out our colorful assortment below, then stock up on stamps, brush up your cursive and let the tip of your pen do the talking.

Write It Out

For The Modern Maven

Well Received Textured Marble Card, $9 each

Our favorite among many of Well Received's museum-worthy styles.

For The Glam Goddess

Mrs. John L Strong Brilliant Sunburst Cards, $110

From the company adored by Jackie O comes this Sunburst-engraved set. Love!

For The Garden Girl

Rifle Paper Co. Violet Floral Stationery, $22

In case you needed another excuse to celebrate the season.

For The Foodie

Inslee Haynes Buttercream Frosting Stationery, $25

Finally, you can have your cake card and eat it too.

For The Stylephile

Garance Dore C'est La Vie! Card, $5 each

Tip: Garance Dore's chic stationery can double as wall art!

For The Sassafras

Richie Design Old Is The New Black Card, $6 each

Found in the cheeky card collection by Etsy Designer Richie Silva.

For The Social Butterfly

Kate Spade Butterflies Stationery, $45

You know you want to throw a party.