$99 Flights To Paris Are Now A Thing And We’re Crying

Our wanderlust is seemingly insatiable, and it becomes especially strong after listening to NPR for 45 minutes on our commute to work each morning. (Moving to Bali has never sounded so good!) Luckily, airlines seem to be wising up to our desire to travel all the time and are helping us out by offering no-frills fares that are criminally cheap. The latest example is an airline known as Primera Air, which just announced flights from two US cities (Boston and Newark) to three international destinations (Birmingham, England; London’s Stansted; and Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport) will be $99 each way starting in April 2018.

As with Wow Airlines, there’s a catch—any and all extras are going to cost you, which includes everything from meals to baggage. Plus, there’s no in-flight entertainment, which, as this editor learned the hard way on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles with the aforementioned Wow, can be brutal when traveling long distances. Still, it might be worth it for those of us who like to travel frequently and can’t quite afford regular international fares on sad millennial salaries. Plus, you could always (gasp!) read a book or five to whet your imagination for the adventures that lay ahead of you when the long, boring and food-less (but cheap!) flight ends, or—even crazier—get some work done, as Condé Nast Traveler reports Wi-Fi will be free. Book here.