How To Look Good In Photos When You’re On Vacation

by Stephanie Montes

We’ve all been there: You return home from a fabulous getaway and realize you didn’t get a single good shot to document your experience. The truth is, some of us just aren’t naturally photogenic. If every angle feels like your bad side and taking a proper selfie gives you full-blown anxiety, we have a few tricks that’ll ensure you look amazing in every one of your vacay pics. They say if you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen, so get out there and practice those supermodel beach shots. Don’t freak out—this plan is foolproof.


Turn Around

A shot of you admiring the view has a dual purpose: It captures a beautiful landscape and proves you were there—and you don't even need makeup (or open eyes). Trust us, this is an easy one.


Focus On The Details

A shot from above is an opportunity to show off the sand beneath your feet, an artsy floor or a pretty souvenir. Bonus points for killer shoes (or a pristine pedi).


Try An Interesting Composition

Sometimes it's less about how you look and more about the surroundings. Pick the right composition, and nobody will even notice your pose or your smile (okay, maybe you will, but your followers won't).


Wear Sunglasses

Everybody photographs well when they're wearing sunglasses—and if you're on vacation, you're bound to have a pair within reach.


Grab A Prop

Don't know what to do with your hands? Grab a coconut, a sun hat, a beach bag—anything. Holding something eliminates the awkward "What should I do?" pose and helps you take a more natural-looking photo.


Step Back

When you're not face-to-face with a camera, you're free to roam about and be a tourist. Have a friend snap you from a distance; this way you can show off beautiful architecture, a skyline or the sunset without the added pressure of looking good for the camera.


Work The Room

Hotel rooms have the best beds and the best lighting. Take a photo first thing in the morning and don't even worry about your hair or makeup—trust us on this one. Get a three-quarter angle of you looking out the window, throw on an eye mask or hide behind a pillow. It'll be a cute shot whether we can see your face or not.