Emma Stone Officially Loves Wine As Much As We Do

Generally we despise Tuesdays (also known as the awkward 24 hours sandwiched between the start of the workweek and hump day), but they’re even harder during the summer when it seems like literally everyone is galavanting around the world having more fun than us. If we had a dime for every glamorous celeb photo aboard a luxury yacht or in an oceanfront villa we’d be, well, on a luxury yacht or in an oceanfront villa. Which is why we were pleasantly surprised to see that Emma Stone seemingly prefers to hang like the rest of us: surrounded by bottomless glasses of wine. Behold, the pics of her with her buds soaking in everything that California wine country has to offer. Just look at those half-filled glasses!


Here's Emma with her buddies Martha MacIsaac (yes, her co-star Becca from Superbad!), Dave, Sugar Lyn Beard and Noah—45 wine tastings later.


Oh, and Emma et al. toasting to some sunshine. (Brb, picking up an umbrella on the way home, thanks to endlessly unpredictable NYC weather.)


And Emma next to chef Thomas Keller during a fancy dinner at The French Laundry restaurant—hiding yet another glass of vintage behind his back for all we know.

We're high-key wishing it was the weekend and that we were #GarbageFriends with Emma Stone, too.

Homepage photo: Getty Images