The Cheapest Summer Destinations To Book Now

Everyone has that one friend who always seems to be at the most fabulous destinations despite earning paltry sums. If this person isn’t a blogger who gets all her vacations gratis, she’s probably just excellent at hacking her trips to be as cheap as possible. In the latter scenario, one of the best tips for experiencing 1%-level destinations is to visit them at off-peak times. According to Travel + Leisure, the best way to save on the trip of your dreams is to figure out when the hotels will be priced lower than normal—typically, this happens following a major holiday or big event (e.g. the US Open), or when weather isn’t so perfect. This editor once spent weeks in St. Barth’s, for example, in October, when it was quiet but beautiful (and affordable). Here, 24 places you can visit on a budget, this summer and beyond.


Off-Peak Travel Is The Best Hack You Haven't Tried


June, Domestic: San Antonio

If you like Austin, try nearby San Antonio instead to save cash—it's 50% cheaper in June than its trendier neighbor.

TZR-recommended hotel: Hotel Havana


June, International: Beijing

Tourism is low in Beijing in June and the weather is great (think 60 to 80 degrees), so it's an ideal time to visit if you're not into crowds or cold.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Opposite House


July, Domestic: Boston

What's more patriotic than spending the Fourth of July in Boston, the site of several important events of the American Revolution? The weather is great, too, if you're into the 60- to 80-degree range.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Verb


July, International: Sydney

Winter in Australia is basically spring in the US, so it's actually quite a pleasant time to head Down Under.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Old Clare


August, Domestic: New York City

August in New York City is not for the faint of heart, given that the heat and humidity can be pretty intense. Still, the city empties out late in the summer, which makes it more fun for those willing to sweat.

TZR-recommended hotel: AKA Wall Street


August, International: Berlin

Berlin is one of our favorite cities in the world, especially in the summer. Whatever you do, be sure not to miss karaoke in Mauerpark.

TZR-recommended hotel: Soho House


September, Domestic: Orlando

Orlando isn't a place we'd typically recommend to be honest, but if you're a Disney fan, September is apparently the best time to hit this city—the park empties out when summer ends and the (actual) kids go back to school.

TZR-recommended hotel: B Resort & Spa


September, International: Rome

Most Europeans take the month of August off (must be nice, we say from our relative slavery here in the US), so popular tourist spots like Rome empty of EU travelers in September. If you've ever visited Italy, you know it's wise to take advantage of any decrease in visitors, as it's always packed.

TZR-recommended hotel: Casa Cau


October, Domestic: New Orleans

Travel + Leisure recommends spending Halloween in New Orleans, as the last week of the month is the cheapest. We couldn't be more on board with this plan.

TZR-recommended hotel: Catahoula Hotel


October, International: Cape Town

We named Cape Town one of the destinations of 2017, and October is the cheapest time of the year to visit. This is convenient given that the much buzzed about Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa opens in September.

TZR-recommended hotel: 2inn1

November, Domestic: San Francisco

It's no secret that SF is one of the most expensive cities in the US these days. According to Travel + Leisure, the week before Thanksgiving is the cheapest in the city, so if your schedule is flexible, we suggest you take your November holiday early.

TZR-recommended hotel: Hotel Zeppelin


November, International: Rio de Janeiro

Thanksgiving in Rio? Yes, please. This one is just a no-brainer, and we're already planning our 2017 trip. Prices are nearly 40% higher at peak season in December, but temperatures aren't all that different.

TZR-recommended hotel: Mama Shelter

December, Domestic: Las Vegas

Something about spending the holidays in Vegas feels a little dark, but maybe in a fun way. This is the cheapest time of year to play in the city of sin, so if you're up for a little debauchery around Christmas, book now to save up to 60% on your trip.

TZR-recommended hotel: W Las Vegas


December, International: Frankfurt

Christmastime in Frankfurt is a dream, and it just so happens that December is also the cheapest time of year to visit this German city. Four-star hotels are around $100 a night.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Pure


January, Domestic: Los Angeles

Speaking from experience (TZR HQ is located here), the weather in LA in January beats that of just about anywhere in the world.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Line


January, International: Melbourne

Booking Melbourne after the holiday rush means big savings and fewer headaches.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Langham


February, Domestic: Honolulu

Frankly, there isn't a time of year at which we'd choose not to be in Honolulu, but apparently the best deals are to be had in February. Feel free to forward this to your significant other. (Cough, cough, Valentine's Day, cough, cough.)

TZR-recommended hotel: Shoreline

The Mira Hotel

February, International: Hong Kong

Apparently, there are a host of reasons to visit Hong Kong in February. Hotels are cheaper, sales are abundant, and there are myriad events to enjoy (e.g. Chinese New Year and the Spring Lantern Festival).

TZR-recommended hotel: The Mira


March, Domestic: Flagstaff, Arizona

Visit the Grand Canyon and stay for cheap—plus, tourism thins out this time of year, so you'll have the sites to yourself.

TZR-recommended hotel: Little America


March, International: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is definitely one of our favorite cities in the world, and March is lovely weather-wise (70s and low 80s) and more affordable than the rest of the year.

TZR-recommended hotel: Home Hotel


April, Domestic: Chicago

April in Chicago is a bit of a gamble weather-wise, but at least the worst of the winter will have passed. Book for this time to enjoy lower hotel rates and thinned-out crowds.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Robey


April, International: Copenhagen

The city's busiest season is over by April, and you can get lodging for 38% cheaper than during peak times. If you haven't yet been, we highly recommend you prioritize this trip for 2018 as Copenhagen is a foodie and design-lover's haven.

TZR-recommended hotel: SP34


May, Domestic: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

It's quieter and cheaper than Miami, and this time of year offers near-perfect temps.

TZR-recommended hotel: Sonesta


May, International: London

London is always pricey, but apparently booking for directly after May Day will save you some dough, so we suggest you keep this in mind when planning your 2018 travel schedule.

TZR-recommended hotel: The Ace Shoreditch