3 Things To Know About Climate Change Now

There is no denying the effects of global warming, nor is there any denying that the COP21 convention (currently taking place in Paris), is the most important climate-related summit to date. World leaders have assembled to pledge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and while these pledges will not delay the inevitable 2 degree celsius warming—which scientists have warned will be a crucial tipping point in the crisis—they are a big step in the right direction. Here, a few things to know now.

Climate Change Is Threatening Global Stability


It's more than warm winters and late summers. Ravaging droughts, rising sea levels and storms of epic proportions threaten everyone, particularly impoverished countries with poor infrastructures, exposing them to political unrest. "If we can get this done, I’m confident that future generations will look back on Paris as a moment when the entire world rallied around climate action in the form of an ambitious agreement to leave our children and grandchildren with a safer and more secure planet." - President Barack Obama

The Burden Is International


Time To Choose, a new documentary which is being screened for free on The Huffington Post through December 1, breaks down the main contributing factors worldwide and how we can combat them.

Showing Support In Different Ways


World leaders chose not to postpone or relocate the summit despite Paris' recent terror attacks. Instead of massive crowds assembling to march for climate change, most Parisians obeyed security warnings and instead displayed shoes in a statement of quiet support. Another approach? People taking to Instagram posting videos of their solitary march in support of climate change using the hashtag #ClimateCatwalk.