The Busy Girl’s Guide To Binge-Watching: May

While your streaming queue may still be full of all of the great programming which debuted in April—including new seasons of shows like Game of Thrones, Inside Amy Schumer, and Veep—this month’s lineup of newly released content promises to keep you from walking outside to witness the blooming of May’s spring flowers firsthand, so you may want to invest in a few plants to post up around your couch to compensate. Here, the best of what’s coming to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime this month.

Netflix: TV

Chelsea: Not to be confused with the short series Chelsea Does, this new Chelsea Handler-led talk show will air three times per week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and feature celebrity interviews "as you’ve never seen them before, engaging in thought-provoking, yet hilarious conversations about topics like international cultures, alternative lifestyles, education, health, sports, parenting, politics, and more.” Debuts on May 11.

Grace and Frankie, Season 2: Watching Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who are both nearly 80-years-old, star in a show that continues to portray them as real human women makes us infinitely happy. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 6.

Bloodline, Season 2: If you haven't yet binge-watched the first season of this intense drama, you can still do so before season 2 premieres. It'll be well worth your time, as Bloodline is an incredible show which features our dad-crush Kyle Chandler. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 27.

Lady Dynamite: This is comedian Maria Bamford’s new show. If you’re not familiar with her work, today is a happy day for you because she is probably one of the funniest people on the planet. View the trailer here. Debuts May 20.

Chef's Table, Season2, Part 1: Foodies are fanatical about this critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series. This season will feature famous chefs from Brazil, Slovenia, the U.S., Mexico and Thailand. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 27.

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Netflix: Movies

Great Expectations: If you haven't seen this 1998 version of Great Expectations starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke, it's a must-watch. It has a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but don't let that deter you as we promise it'll be one of those movies you'll just inexplicably love. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Sixteen Candles: This 1984 teen comedy starring Molly Ringwald might feel dated at this point, but it's still a classic for those born of a certain era. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Just Friends: This Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart-starring rom-com is so sweet, even if it does feature the somewhat offensive use of a fat suit. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Bring It On and Bring It On, All Or Nothing: The original, Kirsten Dunst-starring movie is obviously the best film in this franchise, but there's nothing wrong with a back-to-back binge involving the second, Hayden Panetierre version as well. View the original Bring It On trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Pleasantville: This comedy stars Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire as '90s-era teenagers who find themselves tapped in a 1950's sitcom. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.


Mr. Show, Season 1-4: If you're a fan of Better Call Saul, or sketch comedy, and have never seen Mr. Show, you'll want to move all four seasons to the front of your queue. Watch some of the show's best sketches here. Debuts May 1.

HBO: Movies

27 Dresses: It's wedding season, which likely means you can relate to the beleaguered bridesmaid played by Katherine Heigl in this film more than ever. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

The Best Little WhoreHouse in Texas: Dolly Parton stars in this film—which became the highest grossing live-action musical of the 1980s—as the owner of a small-town brothel under fire. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Juno: Not since Clueless had a film introduced so much slang into the lexicon as did Juno. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

The Pianist: Whatever happened to Adrien Brody after this film? His achingly beautiful performance in The Pianist won him an Oscar, but maybe he shouldn't have kissed Halle Berry against her will while accepting his award. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Snakes on a Plane: While not as good as cakes on a plane, you know you want to watch this. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

The Intern: We never pass up a Nancy Meyers movie, even if this quote about The Intern from Entertainment Weekly does make us giggle: "Asking for sharper edges in a movie that can hardly find a ­person of color in New York City — let alone a pigeon or a poorly situated apartment — is probably futile." View the trailer here. Debuts May 28.

Amazon Prime: TV

If you don't otherwise have access to HBO's programming, Mr. Show, Tell Me You Love Me, and season six of True Blood will all be available to stream through Amazon Prime as well this month.

Amazon Prime: Movies

Benny and Joon: We were so bummed when this movie left Netflix, as it's one of our all-time favorites. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Election: Reese Witherspoon is at her finest in this comedy. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Leaving Las Vegas: Elizabeth Shue of Adventures In Babysitting fame stars opposite Nic Cage in this exceptional love story. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

When Harry Met Sally: Finally! It's about time the best rom-com of all time became available to stream for free. Watch the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

The Age of Adaline: To be honest, this film wasn't all that great, but it's still one of those movies you might want to watch on a braindead Friday night. View the trailer here. Debuts May 27.


Hulu: TV

The Bachelorette, Season 12: Last season's The Bachelor runner-up Jojo Fletcher stars as the prize for what is sure to be a pool of winners. View the season 12 promo here. Premieres May 24.

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 13: This season's talent is younger than ever, as it will focus on dancers aged 8-13. Watch the promo here. Premieres May 31.

Wayward Pines, Season 2: This creepy sci-fi show stars Matt Dillon as a U.S. Secret Service agent investigating a mysterious small town in Idaho. View the trailer here. Debuts May 26.

Selfie, Season 1: Indulge your social media obsession by binge-watching season 1 of this now-cancelled ABC show. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Almost Royal: This faux reality show is the first of its kind created by the BBC. It follows the lives of two clueless British aristocrats as they visit the U.S. for the first time. View the trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Coupled: This new, Mark Burnett-produced reality show follows 12 single, professional women as they attempt to date. View the trailer here. Debuts May 18.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Season 11): Nothing is better for binge-watching with a work week hangover than old episodes of KUWTK. View the Season 11 trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 10): Ditto what we just said. View the Season 10 trailer here. Debuts May 1.

Angie Tribeca, Season 1: If you haven't yet watched this Naked Gun-esque TV show starring Rashida Jones, we suggest you add it to you list. View the trailer here. Debuts May 7.

Hulu: Movies

Hot Pursuit: Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara star in this 2015 buddy comedy. View the trailer here. Debuts May 6.

If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can catch Election and Benny and Joon starting this month on Hulu as well.