Sofia Vergara Just Got Real About Botox & Fillers

What she will — and won’t — do.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Sofía Vergara Women's Cancer Research Fund April 2024

Nowadays, many skincare enthusiasts are as casual about their use of injectables as they are about their favorite drugstore cleanser. But when it comes to celebrities, they aren’t always as candid about the exact steps they take to enhance their appearance. Obviously anti-aging methods are a very personal decision, and no one should feel obligated to share what they have or have not done. But when some of the most famous faces in the world are transparent about getting a little tweak here and there, it’s actually pretty refreshing. The latest example? Sofia Vergara, who spoke frankly with Allure about her stance on cosmetic procedures — including plastic surgery.

The interview came on the heels of Vergara’s appearance at American Academy of Dermatology’s annual conference, where she hosted a party for her sun care brand, Toty. Sun protection thus far has been the 51-year-old’s first line of defense when it comes to keeping her complexion healthy and youthful looking. But that doesn’t mean she’s against corrective treatments by any means. When asked about her thoughts on friends who partake in lasers and peels to reverse sun damage, Vergara admits that it’s all on the table. “I feel like you have to take advantage of everything that is out there,” she told the magazine’s Associate Features Director, Dianna Mazzone Singh. “I mean, if you care about aging. Nothing wrong if you don't care about it. It's not the end of the world. But if you do, now there's so much stuff out there.”

But there are treatments Vergara isn’t interested in when it comes to her own face. Namely filler. Although the Modern Family star told the outlet that she is not against filler in concept, it isn’t something she believes will benefit her current stage in life. “At my age [...] I feel it's not going to make you look younger,” she explains. “It is going to make you look more done. And I feel like it actually doesn't pull you up; it kind of weighs [you down]. So I am against that, once you hit a certain age.”

As for what she will consider for her personal cosmetic plan? In addition to her passion for sun protection, Vergara also utilizes Botox as a means of prevention. She tells Allure that she’s been receiving injections of the neurotoxin in her neck and around her eyes to relax lines for “a long time” now. But she’s also not saying no to more permanent procedures in the near future. “I feel like I'm going to do every plastic surgery that I can do when I'm ready,” she shared. “I wish I had more downtime; I would've done stuff already. [But] because I'm in front of the camera, it's not like I can do something and then sit in my house recuperating for weeks.”

In the meantime, her Botox and sun protection combo (and let’s be honest, some seriously good genetics) is keeping her looking — and feeling — refreshed.