Meet Volux — The New FDA-Approved Filler That Sculpts Chiseled Jawlines

It’s a game-changer.

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Ah, the golden age of tweakments. A tiny injection to thin lips turns them pillowy-soft and luscious; a prick to the forehead smooths out fine lines like magic. But one area of the face notoriously hard to define with just a needle is the jawline — until now. Meet Volux: the brand-new, the FDA-approved filler from Allergan that promises to sculpt an Angelina Jolie-esque jawline with just a syringe (or two). Like Michelangelo sculpting the chiseled visage of David, the practitioners who possess Volux are able to use it to mold defined jawlines out of nothing — to lift jowls and banish “tech neck” for good, or at least a few years. Ahead, TZR spoke with Pamela Weinberger, PA-C and founding injector at Plump Cosmetics and Injectables, and Dr. Kenneth Mark, cosmetic dermatologist, to find out everything to know about this buzzy new injectable for the jawline.

What Is Volux?

First things first — what exactly is Volux? According to Mark, “it’s the only hyaluronic acid filler specifically developed, designed and FDA-approved for the jawline.” Created by Allergan, the parent company of other widely known injectables like Botox and Juvederm, it’s a notable new filler because of its unique texture. “It is by far the firmest and most dense hyaluronic acid gel out there, yet after being injected into the jawline it is extremely moldable,” says Weinberger, a national trainer for Allergan and one of the first to receive Volux to use on her patients. She notes that it’s more “cohesive” than Allergan’s other well-known filler Voluma — meaning it has more viscosity to stay put where a practitioner may inject it, rather than spreading out. “Volux is not a wimpy gel,” notes Mark. “It has more of the consistency of a putty.” This allows it to create a defined shape where it is injected, unlike other softer hyaluronic acid fillers used for a more natural, plumping effect in areas like the lips.

Benefits Of Volux

Endless Instagram scrolling, genetics, a little inevitable thing called aging — whatever the reason, your jawline might not be as defined as it once was. Or maybe you never had much definition to begin with, and you’ve always dreamed of a more angular side profile. Because of Volux’s unique firm, yet moldable texture, it’s able to add instant shape and definition to the jawline in just one appointment. “To elaborate, it is triple the cohesiveness and double the G prime, which is the lifting capacity of Voluma,” says Mark. “For perspective, Voluma was previously Allergan’s most robust filler in the USA.” He also cites Volux’s ability to not only define the jawline contour, but also lift the area as well. “Its lifting capacity is so impressive that I literally witness results after the first and second injection,” he says.

Unlike Radiesse, the first FDA-approved injectable for treatment of the jawline contour, Volux can be easily dissolved if you decide to change your mind. “Radiesse is made from calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA),” says Weinberger. “I have injected quite a bit of Radiesse through the years and I think it's very important to understand that a good percentage of this filler cannot be dissolved, whereas hyaluronic acid fillers are easily dissolvable with hyaluronidase (a injectable enzyme that breaks down artificial hyaluronic acid).”

Who Is A Good Candidate For Volux?

In short: basically anyone. Weinberger says it’s a good option for “anyone who is over the age of 21 who wants to define or contour their jawline and feels they have laxity or sagging of the skin, jowling, or a weak lower face desiring more structure.”

How Does Volux Work & Is It Painful?

The exact technique for injecting Volux varies depending on practitioner, but because it does require a needle to puncture and inject a viscous gel below the skin, you should expect some discomfort. The good news is, the overall process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes with a skilled practitioner.

Mark injects Volux directly via a needle at the end of a syringe filled with Volux, citing that most of his patients did not experience any discomfort during the procedure. However, Weinberger prefers to inject Volux using a cannula for placement capabilities. “I have been able to do one side of the jawline in only one to two needle pokes because of the way a cannula procedure is performed,” she says. “You insert a hollow cannula after making a tiny port hole in the skin — a cannula allows you to reach different layers of the skin with incredible accuracy that is simply not possible with a needle.” She also cites other benefits to injecting with a cannula, from safety to decreasing trauma, bruising, and avoiding blood vessels. At the end of the day, it all depends ons your practitioner’s style and technique — but the most important thing is to go to someone who has been properly trained.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

If you’re a sucker for instant results, Volux won’t leave you disappointed — unlike Botox, the results are visible immediately, though it may take up to four weeks to settle and see full results.

The Side Effects Of Volux

The side effects of Volux are fairly mild, ranging from bruising (Marks says this happens in less than 5% of people) to soreness in the injection area for a few days after. “Rarely, like with other hyaluronic acid fillers, delayed hypersensitivity reactions have been reported,” he says. This is when the area where the filler hardens into a visible nodule — but as Mark says, this is extremely rare.

How Much Does Volux Cost?

If up until now you’ve been thinking, “This sounds like a miracle! What’s the catch?” Well, now it’s time to talk numbers. Volux, unlike Botox, isn’t measured in units, but rather in pre-filled syringes, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. “The studies used on average seven syringes, but I use way less based on precise placement and no wasted or misplaced product,” says Mark, and Weinberger agrees, saying she is often able to produce noticeable results with just one or two syringes. The cost per syringe depends on the practitioner and the area you live in — for example, NYC-based Mark cites a cost of $1800 to $2400 per syringe, while Weinberg, who is based in Miami, charges $800 per syringe.

How Long Does Volux Last?

If you’re reeling from those numbers, here’s some good news — Volux can last for years, so think of it as a long-term investment. “The product will last over 18 to 24 months, which is great value when considering the financial cost of facial fillers,” says Weinberger.

If you’ve always wished for a more angular, chiseled jawline, Volux might just be the answer to your prayers — just prepare your wallet in advance.

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