A Diamond Expert Says Rosalía’s Engagement Ring May Have A Hidden Meaning

Can you tell?

ROSALÍA engagement ring
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March 20 was national proposal day — was the random holiday merely an excuse for companies to sell rings and flowers? Perhaps. But regardless, love was clearly lingering in the air all last week, especially in Hollywood. Just a few days later, on March 24, Rosalía and her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro announced their engagement via a music video for their new single “Beso,” which gave viewers a sneak peek into the couple’s three-year-long relationship. And, arguably, the best part was saved for last: In the final scene, as she’s wiping tears from her eyes, Rosalía flashes her stunning engagement ring saying, “Oh my god. I love you” in Spanish.

“Her engagement ring appears to be around a 3.5-carat round brilliant diamond center stone with three round accent diamonds on each side set in platinum,” Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, tells TZR. The diamond expert says the style is a trendy twist on a classic design. “Traditional three-stone engagement rings feature a larger center diamond and a single smaller diamond flanking each side, while Rosalía’s ring features three small diamonds on each side with three small round diamonds forming in the shape of a triangle,” she explains.

A few days ago, the “DESPECHÁ” singer shared another glimpse of her ring in an Instagram post. She included a caption written in Spanish, which translated to: “After more than 3 years together here are 3 songs made with all the love in the world 💝 I hope you enjoy this little piece of us.” See the ring for yourself in the heart-warming clip above — no promises it won’t bring you to tears, too.

With this information in mind, Landau believes the engagement ring may contain a hidden message. “The three diamonds on each side could represent a deeper meaning for their relationship,” she says, noting that the three stones may allude to the couple’s three years together and/or to their three songs. It has yet to be confirmed if this design choice was indeed a coincidence or intentional, but Rosalía fans: care to chime in here?

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