5 Eternal Style Lessons We’ve Learned From Rachel Zoe

In honor of Rachel Zoe’s birthday, we want to take a second and reflect on how downright amazing the woman we call our boss is. Aside from being the most legit mom ever (Sky Sky and Kaius are the luckiest angels), a major designer (have you seen her Resort collection—gah!) and Editor-in-Chief of TZR (she has a photographic memory and often calls out specific runway looks as references during our editorial meetings—no joke), we have learned a thing or two from RZ to say the least. To celebrate her special day, we assembled five of the most important style lessons we’ve acquired while spending time with the lady of the hour. Cheers to you Rach—thanks for schooling us in all things shiny and glamorous.

#1: '70s Glamour Will Never Go Out Of Style

What We've Learned: Rachel's deep archive of '70s fashion and accessories is on constant rotation in her wardrobe because laid-back bohemian style is always relevant and forever cool.

Photo: @rachelzoe

#2: Every Woman Should Own A Caftan

What We've Learned: If you don't own a caftan, you need one—like yesterday—because it's the ultimate styling piece. We've seen RZ don this chic staple barefoot on the beach playing with her kids just as effortlessly as while dressed to the nines for a black-tie event.

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

#3: Vintage Accessories Are A Worthy Investment

What We've Learned: RZ has inspired us all to search high and low for unique vintage gems because if you find the right purse or tweed jacket—or whatever your current fashion obsession may be—you will wear it every day, making it a worthy splurge.

Photo: Dylan Bartolini-Volk

#4: Don't Be Afraid To Layer Your Jewelry & Mix Metals

What We've Learned: Rachel's Neil Lane engagement ring and wedding band are platinum, her Jennifer Meyer necklace with her kids' names written in diamonds is yellow gold and her Anita Ko studded bracelet from her husband Rodger is rose gold. She wears all of these—plus approximately 20 other gorgeous layers—together every day. The point: You can totally mix golds!

Photo: @rachelzoe

#5: Know Your Style Muse

What We've Learned: Whether your style icon is Brigitte Bardot (one of RZ's faves), Jane Birkin, Taylor Swift or FKA Twigs, it's important to have a current muse—or several! Get a Pinterest board going and you'll understand next time you're packing for vacation wondering what to wear, just ask: What would Brigitte do?

Photo: Getty Images