Everything In Priyanka Chopra's New Hair Care Line Is $5.99

It will debut exclusively at Target.

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
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Another day, another celebrity beauty launch! This time, it's Priyanka Chopra with a hair care line created in collaboration with beauty incubator, Maesa. The new label, Anomaly, launches Monday, Feb. 1 at Target, where it will be exclusive sold for the next year, according to a recent Women's Wear Daily interview with Chopra.

“I just find it fascinating,” she said of the new venture. “I love the ability to, as an entrepreneur, find a gap in the market and try to fill that," Chopra told WWD in the Jan. 29 interview. As for how the line is doing that? It's entirely produced in the U.S., gender neutral (something that is becoming increasingly standard), packaged sustainably (in recyclable bottles made of post-consumer recycled plastic), and perhaps best of all, priced accessibly at $5.99 a product.

It makes sense that Chopra's entry into the world of beauty would be in the hair care space — the actor (and soon to be author; she has a memoir coming out) and her long, healthy hair has commanded plenty of attention over the years. "I have a really important relationship with my hair,” she told WWD. “I remember when I used to go to buy shampoo as a 15, 16-year-old, just about discovering my teenage vanity at that point, all the really amazing, good stuff was so expensive. I’ve always been aware of what I use and what I consume. I saw that in hair care, we’ve not really had environmentally sustainable sort of hair care which is clean and really good for you but also affordable for everyone.”


Though sometimes, given the sheer enormity of the beauty industry and the rapid fire cycle of new launches, beauty can feel environmentally disastrous, Chopra took her responsibility in doing things sustainably seriously, telling WWD, "I think it’s high time that beauty and fashion take responsibility,” she added. “You know, take responsibility on how much waste there is being created in the earth.…Beauty shouldn’t cost us the earth. As large as the beauty market is, that’s how large our responsibility should be.”

Details on the products are sparse for now, but the range is set to include shampoos, conditioners, a hair mask, and dry shampoo. Head to Target's site on Monday to shop the new brand.

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