You Don't Need Much To Recreate Miranda Kerr's Bathtime Routine At Home

It's surprisingly pared-down.

Miranda Kerr / Instagram

Miranda Kerr isn't exactly known for her laidback self-care rituals. The KORA Organics founder is famous for waxing poetic about her lengthy skin care lineups (she does own a beauty brand, after all), and she's been vocal about fitting in daily exercise and sticking to a mostly fresh, organic diet. So it's surprising in the best way possible when the longtime model reveals that any of her routines are easy to follow — and that's exactly the case with Miranda Kerr's bathtime essentials.

The 37-year-old shared her relaxing Sunday situation on Feb. 21 on Instagram, showing off how she winds down at the end of the week. And fortunately for fans (and those looking to create a self-care routine of their own), it actually didn't involve all that much.

"Today’s #selfcaresunday 💖 Rose Quartz crystals at the basin of my tub for some nurturing loving energy✨" Kerr captioned the post, showing off her current list of must-haves sitting in her drool-worthy white tub. Yes, those included a few crystals (and some KORA Organics products, obviously) — but honestly, it's likely you already have all the rest at home. So if you're looking to recreate her regimen in your own bathroom, continue scrolling — the full list of Kerr's bathtime essentials are ahead.

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Miranda Kerr's Bathtime Essentials: A Bathtub Caddy

If you spend any amount of time in the tub, you know that a bath caddy is key. Not only is it perfect for storing a book or phone if you prefer to have entertainment, but you can also use it to keep a drink, any toiletries, and even a candle a la Kerr. The model stuck to a classic silver style in her home, but there are countless types you can go for if that's not your vibe, such as a wooden slab or even a marble version.

Miranda Kerr's Bathtime Essentials: A Candle

Kerr didn't just include crystals alone in her routine — she featured them in her candle, too. The entrepreneur's pick on this particular occasion was one created in collaboration with KORA Organics and Matter and Home collection, which was created by her friend and Intuitive Healer, Holly Star, and each one is infused with Kerr's favorite crystal, rose quartz. Kerr has shared with TZR in the past that she's an avid fan of healing crystals and aromatherapy, so it makes sense that this plays a major part in her Sunday ritual.

Miranda Kerr's Bathtime Essentials: A Plush Towel

There's nothing worse than finishing a bath with a scratchy towel, and Kerr is clearly all too aware of that. The star included a fluffy white option on her caddy, which is great for when you need to wipe off some bubbles before reaching for your wine glass, and then wrapping yourself in after to hold onto all that warmth.

Miranda Kerr's Bathtime Essentials: Crystals

If you're on a mission to copy Kerr's self-care routine, you should probably start with at least a few crystals — it seems they're the most important part. As she noted in her caption, the model placed some in the basin of her tub for "nurturing loving energy," and put a rose quartz facial sculptor on top of her towel as well, most likely to infuse some skin care into her relaxation time.