Meghan Markle’s Everyday Sweater Belongs In Your Winter Wardrobe

She wore it in her new Netflix documentary.

Samir Hussein/WireImage
Meghan Markle outfit
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Netflix just dropped a teaser for its forthcoming six-part docuseries on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, dubbed Harry & Meghan. The much-anticipated release will reveal the couple’s love story, with all of its ups and downs, to the public. For those who love and closely follow the royal’s personal style, you will likely pay attention to all the outfits she wears. And, viewers already got a glimpse of said looks in the documentary, which includes Markle’s purple sweater, via the new trailer. She kept the outfit simple and elegant, accessorizing with only a medley of gold bangles on her left wrist.

It’s worth pointing out that Markle went for a pastel lavender shade, which is thought to symbolize friendship, affection, and freedom. (Perhaps this served to convey to people, who were watching the trailer, that these are the ideas that Markle values the most?) The color purple is also a common hue worn by many influential women such as Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former first lady Michelle Obama — the shade holds significance in women’s fight for equality. (The suffragettes wore purple as part of their signature color trinity: white for purity, purple for dignity and loyalty, and green for hope.) Markle, in particular, has been vocal on this topic as she recently spoke at a women’s empowerment event.

Based on the Netflix trailer, fans can expect to see lots of personal footage from the couple’s life together and never-before-seen interviews with their family and friends in the docuseries. Keep scrolling to see the trailer for yourself, as well as get a glimpse of Markle’s outfit.


As of right now, Netflix has yet to announce the official release date for Meghan & Harry. In the meantime though, you can copy Markle’s cozy winter look with one of the TZR-approved lavender knit tops, ahead.