On Tour With Megan Fox

Jill Lincoln, Styling Director for Rachel Zoe Studio, has the covetable job of traveling with Megan Fox on her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles press tour. Hopping all over the globe prepping Megan for premieres and appearances means a lot of glam outfits, suitcases, and a good deal of hanging out with the star. We asked Jill to spill the 5 things she has learned about Megan thus far.

Photo: @the_native_tiger

Fan Girl

"Megan has 50 million Facebook fans. I am social-media illiterate but even I know that is a huge deal. She has been out of the spotlight while having kids for the past 2 years but its pretty apparent that everyone is excited for her to be back. Everywhere we go she gets mauled, but she is very gracious and always tries to sign autographs and take pictures with her fans."

Photo: @the_native_tiger

Being a Mom

"Megan is a wonderful, completely hands on mother. Her babies are always around which creates such a nice environment for our "glamming". We were back and forth between two dress options for her Mexico premiere but her 2 year old started stomping and oo'ing when she tried on this Zuhair Murad dress. That basically sealed the deal."

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Her Style Sensibility

"She would be sexy and beautiful in a garbage bag. Her personal style off the carpet is very bohemian and relaxed but when she has to clean up, let's just say it would be unfair to deprive the world of that body. Aside from all of her physical attributes which obviously make our job easier, she is very trusting which makes her a dream to style. She knows we are hired for a reason and lets us do our job, which is a testament to her sense of self and professionalism."

Photo: @rachelzoestudio


"The skin... flawless. The hair...also flawless. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I have seen her deplaning at sunrise with only an hour of sleep and she looks red carpet ready. She takes excellent care of her skin and is very knowledgeable about products and ingredients. Though genetics are obviously largely responsible, I think years of being very conscious hasn't hurt."

Photo: @the_native_tiger

How She Accessorizes

"She is very spiritual and gravitates toward certain stones and motifs but there is really no formula. For casual looks we layer her up with personal pieces, but if we want to try something bigger with a wow factor for the carpet, she is down."

Photo: @rachelzoestudio