Megan Fox Just Closed The Door On Her Past With A Clever Tattoo Coverup

Out with the old....

Megan Fox red French tip nails and furry hat selfie

Every time you get a tattoo — or fall in love for that matter — you assume it’s a forever kind of thing by nature. Life happens, though, and you sometimes have to make a tough call. When Megan Fox decided to rid her skin of ex-husband Brian Austin Green’s first name, she had two possible routes: full-on removal, or a creative cover-up. Ultimately, she chose the latter and ended up with an intricate (and rather intimate) new piece of art in the old scripts’ place. Fox’s snake tattoo covers several inches along the right side of her pelvis, winding its way through a large blooming flower and up to what looks like a tiny pyramid. Not only is Fox free of her unwanted ink, but she now has something even cooler in its place.

Fox’s celebrity-favorite tattoo artist, Syzygy Precision Tattooing owner Jesse Krydick, shared a shot of the just-applied ink on Instagram along with a special message for the star thanking her for her trust. “Was able to completely hide the old tattoo underneath the new snake and flowers she wanted,” Krydick explained in the caption. The snake and flower is so large that Fox had to go under the needle pants-less to get it all done.

A cropped look at Fox’s new snake tattoo.@jesse.tattoo

Fans know that this new addition joins several other tattoos on Fox. The “Brian” tattoo she covered was reportedly done in 2015, the same year she filed for divorce for the first time. They called it off the following year, but broke up again for good in 2020. She’s now engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, who proposed in January 2022.

Fox in 2010 showing her Marilyn Monroe forearm tattoo and script on her back.Florian Seefried/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though Fox chose to cover that particular tattoo up, she gone for the full laser removal method before, too. The portrait of Marilyn Monroe she had etched on her right forearm at age 19 was gone by 2012, but Fox said the experience was a painful one. As the laser hit her flesh, “[my skin] sort of exploded and looked like little kernels of popcorn popping up. It’s traumatic and it’s incredibly painful. They can’t numb it enough to make the pain go away,” she told Jay Leno the year she started the removal process.

Guess that explains why she chose a coverup over laser this time — especially considering the original’s location.