It’s Hair Transformation Season, According To Margot Robbie’s New Blunt Brown Bob

She looks so different.

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Margot Robbie/Instagram

Have you been debating going from blonde to brunette? Then add one more celebrity case to your ‘pro’ column. On March 16, Margot Robbie was spotted with brown hair alongside fellow actor John David Washington while arriving on the set of an upcoming and currently untitled David O. Russell film. While there have been plenty of celebrity hair transformations so far in 2021 alone, this one is particularly major — the actor is now known for having light platinum blonde hair, courtesy of iconic performances in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Bombshell, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

So, it only makes sense to switch things up in a big way for a new project then. In the picture, Robbie sports a blunt, chin-length black-brown bob tucked behind her ears with a crisp middle part. Her hair is straight, too, another departure from her trademark blonde waves. It’s even a different look than other on-set photos already shared from the upcoming film; Elle UK reported a photo of Robbie with longer, wavy brunette hair in February.

Now, for the question of the day: Has Robbie actually taken the plunge and dyed her hair brunette, or is she wearing a wig? According to an Instagram post by celebrity and entertainment news site Just Jared, it is indeed a highly realistic wig.


However, factor in the previous photo of the longer brunette look from the movie set, and things get interesting. The two different hair lengths might imply that there’s a dramatic hair chop in the new flick, or some time jumps where the character would have grown their hair out. (Paging all the film buffs who can figure it out.)

Either way, for beauty fans, it’s another sign that blonde-to-brunette hair transformations are picking up in 2021 — good news, if you’re ready to save your hair from any further rounds of bleach. And as always, remember that a great wig will help you achieve your very own overnight hair transformation, no hair dye or bleach required.

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