Lizzo’s Latest Manicure Is A Reminder That The Swirly Nail Art Trend Is Still Going Strong



If every person on earth suddenly only decided to wear neutral colors, rest assured Lizzo would not be counted among the masses — it’s simply not in her nature to be subdued. The singer has a penchant for bold makeup looks, colorful wigs, and bejeweled manicures, though she’s just as capable of pulling off a simple and timeless beauty moment. As of late, it seems like Lizzo is leaning into the Barbiecore movement, incorporating more and more pink into her looks. To celebrate her song “About Damn Time” reaching the number one spot on the Billboard charts, Lizzo showed off her pink and white swirl nails and neon bikini in a series of bookmark-worthy Instagram photos.

“#1 SONG IN THE COUNTRY AND I AINT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY A** B****🥵” the singer captioned the carousel, which features snaps of her posing on a beach in a hot pink bikini with black tights underneath, a Chanel waist chain, and pink sunglasses. To match the summery vibe, Lizzo is also wearing bohemian box braids, an undone (yet super chic) twist on traditional box braids.

Her manicure makes the look all the more fun. The singer has long, coffin-shaped nails with a pink and white swirl design that perfectly complements her feminine ensemble. While Lizzo didn’t tag a nail artist in the post, it’s likely the work of her go-to manicurist, Eri Ishizu, who has created some of the singer’s most glamorous sets.

Swirl nail designs have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and have been a go-to look for tons of celebrities — Lizzo included. The singer kicked off 2022 with a white swirl nail design that featured the white half-moon arc of French tips that gave way to elaborate swirls and swoops down the remaining length. Cardi B recently got in on the trend with her swirly manicure that blended shades of navy, cerulean, sea foam, and lime green.

It’s not surprising that so many — celebrities and Instagram nail enthusiasts alike — have gravitated toward the swirly nail look. It’s endlessly versatile, allowing wearers to incorporate any color of the rainbow (or keep it neutral), and just playful enough without being anywhere near garish. Essentially, it’s the perfect nail art look, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.