Lizzo's Crystal-Inspired Manicure Is The Chicest Good Luck Charm

And it features the cutest hidden message, too.


In stone form, it’s said that jade brings its bearer love, tranquility, and harmony. It’s a symbol of wisdom and luck, a crystal prized for its purported healing properties — not to mention how stunning its swirling, glass-green coloring is, too. Lizzo’s always been about making her own luck, and her new set of mesmerizing nails (equally stunning as last week’s, if you can believe it) proves it. In a new Instagram photo posted by both the musician and her go-to nail guru, Lizzo debuted jade green nails painted with shocking realism. As if the marbled texture and cool-toned colors weren’t enough, each nail is topped with a carefully placed metallic gold letter, printed in Old English font spelling out a message with both hands: SOUF WEST, which based on her past tweets is likely a reference to the location of her hometown of Alief, Texas (Harris County forever, y’all) in greater Houston.

The nails themselves are the work of Eri Ishizu, bicoastal manicurist to stars like Issa Rae, Jennifer Lopez, and Laverne Cox. She’s one of Lizzo’s most beloved collaborators, teaming up with the rapper-singer-flautist on some seriously drool-inducing sets inspired by everything from childhood candy favorites to religious motifs. But the thing is, no matter which way you slice it, Lizzo is ushering in a new era of low-key nail art that does the unthinkable: it actually looks wearable in real life, not just on Instagram.

These lucky jade nails come just a week after Lizzo and Ishizu dreamed up a bedazzled My Little Pony-style manicure featuring one hand polished in cotton candy blue and the other in bubblegum pink. Lizzo loves an intentional matchy-matchy moment and paired the pretty pastel nails with their (very glittery) makeup equivalent.


While jade nails aren’t quite as common (though they’ll probably become that way now thanks to Lizzo’s example), crystal-inspired nails are having a real moment — a moment that’s lasted several years, really. Rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian nails are all popular choices, loved for their complicated-looking patterns that add a little extra to otherwise straightforward color choices. They’re nail art in its most low-key form, ready be dressed up with extras like Lizzo’s delicate lettering or left to shine on their own.