Lindsay Lohan Brought Every Beloved ‘00s Beauty Trend To The Mean Girls Premiere

Fetch is forever.

Lindsay Lohan mirror selfie 2023

Set the scene: it’s spring 2004. You hitch your Juicy Couture tracksuit up before pulling out your Motorola Razr, tapping out a message to your friends on the T9 keyboard: “Want 2 c Mean Gurls 2nite? ,*)” As you adjust your side-bangs, the plan solidifies — a perfect Friday night. That scenario might have been 20 years ago, but a shocking amount of it is still directly applicable. At the Jan. 8 Mean Girls musical movie premiere, the stars all tapped in to those mid-aughts staples that happen to be relevant in their own right once again. Lindsay Lohan’s nails, a short, oval-tipped French manicure, is the ultimate example.

In fact, the legendary screen queen brought out a host of throwback beauty trends to the red carpet — but they’re all infused with a modern twist that makes her look feel both so nostalgic and so now. Lohan’s signature hair color, that rich, fiery red, looked especially glossy when curled under around her face by celebrity pro Danielle Priano, ‘40s-style, but keeps the same deep side-part that ruled the ‘00s. Similarly, her stellar manicure is an aughts essential, but it’s remixed for the modern age with a shimmery gold arc of polish just beneath the snowy white tips.


Celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein created the custom style, inspired by the overall legendary nature of both the beloved teen film and Lohan herself. “What else would we choose for her nails but an iconic nail trend?” Gerstein posted on Instagram, along with a close-up photo.


Lohan’s makeup followed a similar pattern, with trending 2024 upgrades to some of the star’s most enduring staples. Her fluttery lashes and cat-eye makeup feel like continuations of her signature style throughout the 2000s and 2010s, but the softer finish and delicate pink lipstick would endear her to any generation.

Don’t be surprised if the new musical Mean Girls reimagining re-introduces Generations Z and Alpha to the power of not only the original film but Lohan herself. 2024 is just getting started, but the Lohanissance has already begun.