Lily Collins’ Flower-Inspired Updo Looks Straight Out Of ‘Emily In Paris’

It’s *so* pretty.

Lily Collins

If you’re familiar with Netflix’s hit series Emily in Paris, then you’re no stranger to the many over-the-top hairstyles of the show’s main character, Emily Cooper. From brightly colored berets to impossibly voluminous curls, Cooper, played by Lily Collins, never fails to bring her bubbly personality to every single scene. Collins herself tends to prefer a more classic, subdued look (her face-framing, French-girl bangs being her trademark), but her recent rose bun updo indicates that she’s not actually so different from her Netflix character.

For an appearance at PaleyFest in Los Angeles along with her Emily in Paris co-stars, Collins was bright and bold in a turquoise blazer and mini skirt set by New York City-based fashion designer Prabal Gurung. Her makeup, courtesy of Fiona Stiles, was described by the artist on Instagram as “soft and sexy with a pop of baby blue.” The rosy-brown monochromatic look was amped up a notch with a hint of blue eyeliner applied to Collins’ lower lash line to match her ensemble.

Her hair, however, may have just stolen the entire look. Stylist Gregory Russell pulled out all the stops with a romantic updo with a swirling design at the top, mimicking the shape of a blossoming rose. Collins’ signature bangs were left intact with a few wispy strands pulled out of the updo as well, allowing the intricate style to still remain soft and effortless.

Unsurprisingly, Russell’s creation was met with a flood of praise when he shared it on Instagram. “A work of art!!” one commenter gushed. “The word iconic comes to mind,” said another. Though the hairstylist hasn’t revealed the exact steps that were involved in the updo, he did let his followers in on *some* of the secrets behind it. In reply to a comment reading, “What hair products have you used here?”, Russell said that his process involved “a volume spray at roots in prep, light hold hairspray to set hair when curling, and strong hold hairspray to lock down style nice finished placement.”

Collins’ rose bun is certainly a bit complex to go about recreating for an everyday look, there’s no denying that it would make a stunning bridal updo, particularly because the flower-inspired shape gives it an overall romantic vibe. Plus, despite its formal feel, this style is something that Emily Cooper would absolutely wear while roaming the streets of Paris on even her most casual day — and isn’t that exactly why viewers love her?