Prepare To Be Inspired By These Industry-Shaking Modern LGBTQ+ Beauty Icons

In a league of their own.

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LGBTQ+ beauty icons

What makes someone an icon, a cultural touchstone, a generational inspiration? There’s almost always an aesthetic component, something grabby and visually compelling, be it through the art that’s made, on-stage looks, or a strong personal style mission. An innovation factor is key, presenting something fresh that’s never been seen before. The most important piece of the puzzle, though, might just be authenticity, a sense that what you’re seeing comes from a genuine, singular place. Even among the all-time greats, there are few who can combine aesthetics, innovation, and authenticity like these modern LGBTQ+ beauty icons, an exhilarating set of creatives who are leaving their personal, distinct marks on Hollywood and inspiring a whole new generation in the process.

To celebrate Pride Month, TZR has compiled a (totally non-exhaustive) list of some of the most prolific modern LGBTQ+ muses who have made a major impact on beauty. Whether they’re known for one stunning red carpet or photoshoot look after another, or have incorporated creative takes on hair and makeup directly into their art, it’s impossible to not be inspired by these boldfaced names.

Just ahead, the contemporary LGBTQ+ beauty icons you need to know — they’re the ones shaping pop culture in real time with their distinct visions.

Laverne Cox

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Cox has become the voice of the red carpet, reporting live from Hollywood’s most major events with unparalleled amounts of charm and wit. Her beauty choices are equally worth watching for, often a stunning mix of vintage glamour and thoroughly modern touches — the combination creates a distinct look all her own.

Chappell Roan

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Seeing Roan live is more of an experience than a simple concert. She’s described her delightfully over-the-top on-stage persona as “drag”, radically changing up her look for each show. For her set at the 2024 Governor’s Ball, she dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty, complete with patina-green body paint.

Lil Nas X

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From the release of his very first viral single, Lil Nas X has made combining aesthetic genres and flipping visual tropes on their head a key part of his act. Another major element? Pure surprise. There’s no telling what his next music video or red carpet appearance will bring, from all-over body crystals to an ‘80s-style Jheri curl.

Kim Petras

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Camp is practically Petras’ middle name, and she loves to incorporate fun, larger-than-life beauty touches into every aspect of her public persona. Fans gravitate toward her elaborate hairstyles, colorful makeup, and wink-wink approach she takes to it all.

Sara Ramirez

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Ramirez’s cool factor can never be discounted — their haircuts alone have likely inspired thousands of Pinterest boards. Their shorter looks, like this buzzed-side fauxhawk, just offer more room to show off their sleek piercings and those enviably arched brows.

Hayley Kiyoko

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Queen of summer anthems, Kiyoko loves to change up her hair as much as she does her sound. She’s gone platinum blonde, peachy orange, bubblegum pink, and warm brunette, but she always pairs it with a subtly festive makeup look to up the fun factor.

Kristen Stewart

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You know you’re an icon when you become Chanel’s perennial muse. Often blending punky edge and sultry elegance — it’s seen through everything from her wardrobe to her haircuts — Stewart is one of the most standout names of her entire generation.

Leyna Bloom

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Bloom might be the model of the moment, but she’s also a face of the future. Her glamorous, timeless look has landed her some of the biggest fashion campaigns of all time, but it’s her versatile approach to hair and makeup off the runway that’s made her personal style to celebrated.

Hunter Schafer

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A true creative in every sense, Schafer often channels her films’ characters as she walks the red carpet to promote them. For the dystopian Hunger Games prequel movie, she went for a ghostly white-lashed look. Then, for her turn in horror movie Cuckoo, she turned up at the Berlinale Film Festival in intense, blood-red eye makeup.

Troye Sivan

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

One of the most compelling things about Sivan is how far he can go in either aesthetic direction. Most of the time, he’s low-key with 2000s-style platinum hair, a touch of mascara, and a constellation of piercings up his ears. For music videos and stage performances, though, he can turn on a dime — who could forget the femme alter ego he portrayed in “One Of Your Girls?”