This Mindy Kaling-Approved Tool Will Make Your Work-From-Bed Days So Much More Productive

WFH just got a lot comfier.

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Mindy Kaling / Instagram
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Though it’s not exactly advised by the experts, there are certain times and occasions where working from your bed just can’t be avoided. Maybe your studio apartment doesn’t have another square inch to spare, or maybe it’s been one of Those Weeks. In any of those cases, you’re probably fine just propping yourself up with some pillows and plopping your laptop onto your thighs. However, you could make the situation much more productive with a lap desk like Mindy Kaling’s, which will not only add some style to your room, but make your WFB (work-from-bed) setup feel slightly more professional.

The comedian shared her own handy product in an Instagram post on April 10, jokingly insinuating that it, in fact, gets much more use than her true home office space. “My actual desk is covered in spiderwebs” she wrote — a caption that, unfortunately, is one many of us can relate to. In her case, though, it’s easy to see why: Kaling’s simple wooden tray brings her laptop to the perfect working height thanks to its adjustable legs, and its simplicity doesn’t make her bedroom look messy or cluttered. In other words, the star is able to get all the comforts of her bed, while still reaping the benefits of a (kind of) desk. A win-win in any book.

Into this idea, but not really loving Kaling’s exact version? There’s a wide variety of other options as well (and it’s growing every day), so you can choose to make your own setup as chic or as simple as you want.

If you’d like to keep your own bed-slash-office completely utilitarian, you’ll probably want to go a similar route as Kaling — choose one with a pared-down design and legs that fold, so you can store it out of the way once the working day ends. However, you could also make a statement out of it by choosing a bed tray instead; though it may be slightly less conducive to holding a computer all day, it would look good enough to leave as decoration when you’re OOO.

On days when WFB is really the only option, don’t sabotage your productivity by laying in weird positions or losing your laptop in the sheets. Take notes from Kaling instead and invest in a simple, but effective, lap desk from the roundup ahead.

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