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Kristen Stewart's Unexpected Bottoms Were The Highlight Of Oscars Night

She pulled them off flawlessly.

US actress Kristen Stewart attends the 94th Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on ...

There are always a few stars you can expect to surprise on the red carpet. Rather than donning the typical gorgeous gown, they opt for the unexpected — whether it’s a funky silhouette, a playful two-piece, a chic suit, or otherwise. One celebrity in particular who often goes in that “rule”-breaking direction? Kristen Stewart, whose black mini shorts made an entrance during the 94th Annual Academy Awards arrivals and quickly became the star of the evening.

Yes, you read that correctly: the Spencer nominee skipped dresses and even pants entirely for the evening in favor of custom Chanel hot pants. But of course, the cool factor didn’t stop there. The actor paired her playful choice of bottoms with a matching black tuxedo jacket and button-down shirt (which was hardly buttoned at all). To finish the look, she added some serious bling (peep that long, midriff-length necklace) and slicked her wavy blonde hair to one side.

Though pants aren’t exactly rare at awards shows, they are usually outnumbered by gowns by a landslide. However, Stewart took things a step further for the 2022 Oscars with her shorts. Because while trousers may be fairly commonplace, shorts are most certainly not. In fact, the actor is one of the few to ever wear this type of piece at the Academy Awards (Pharrell Williams notably being one of the few other celebrities to brave this silhouette for the night).


Of course, this choice makes sense for Stewart, who epitomizes a kind of laid-back cool style. And, with the night being such a big moment, she clearly decided to embrace that style even more than usual. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, her stylist confirmed this. “For us, it was more about creating a look that was authentically hers, as this was her big, special day. She has been wearing lots of gowns, but today was her day to do whatever she wanted,” said Tara Swennen.

Though it’s hard to imagine short shorts becoming a true trend on the red carpet, it’s an undoubtably refreshing change up for the event — and one everyone hopes to see more of in the future. Here’s to K.Stew for helping lead the way.