Of Course Kris Jenner Has An Entire Room To Store Her Dishes

Mind *blown.*

Kris Jenner / Instagram

Most people keep their dishes on shelves, in china cabinets, or maybe even on the walls. But if you’re Kris Jenner, doing what other people do — even when it comes to something as basic as plate storage — is simply not enough. No, the hard-working matriarch does not simply stow her finest pieces away until they’re ready for the next dinner party. In fact, Jenner has an entire dish room to display her possessions, and it’s exactly as extra as you’re probably imagining.

The over-the-top space was revealed in a recent post on Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle website, Poosh, which takes readers on a tour through the momager’s jaw-dropping collection. Throughout the article, you can see perfectly organized stacks of designer dinnerware in a rainbow of colors and prints. And they’re so plentiful, they fill an actual walk-in closet-sized space. As the original Poosh post notes, “It’s like a mini museum with excellent lighting surrounding each set and not a teacup or plate out of place. Truly a work of art.”

Dedicating an entire room to cups, saucers, bowls, and more is admittedly a little extreme. But given how beautiful (and expensive) Jenner’s lineup is, it’s not difficult to see why she wanted to show it off — and keep it safe. Not only does the space allow each and every piece to shine thanks to the amount of room and bright lighting, it also ensures the collection isn’t rattled or scratched by people bumping into cabinets or reaching for everyday dishes.

You may not have the square footage for a Jenner-like “dish room” in your own home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t emulate the 66-year-old’s opulence at all. Surprisingly, many of her most statement-making pieces are available to buy now. And though they’ll cost you a pretty penny (the brands that make up the collection include Gucci and Hermès), the products will likely still be more affordable than constructing an extra storage closet to house them. Don’t worry, either: The dishes will look just as good in a humble cabinet, not to mention be easier to show off to your guests. Shop a few, ahead.

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