Kim Kardashian Just Took Her Love For Platinum Blonde To The Next Level

Firmly in her blonde era.

Kim Kardashian

Another day, another gasp-inducing beauty transformation from Kim Kardashian. Earlier this year, the star made a notable return to blonde hair when she embodied Marilyn Monroe at the 2022 Met Gala, a moment that will likely not be forgotten anytime soon. In the months since, the star has kept the icy hue, experimenting with various lengths and styles, including her Pamela Anderson-inspired updo that seems to be a new favorite. Now, Kim Kardashian’s bleached eyebrows are making serious waves following the release of her latest jaw-dropping photoshoot.

Who else would Interview choose to cover their “American Dream” issue? With the American flag serving as a backdrop, Kardashian poses in an all-denim ensemble, her platinum hair styled into a Farrah Fawcett-esque feathered look. The rest of the shoot shows Kardashian in various other patriotic-themed getups, including American flag underwear paired with a leather jacket.

Along with natural, dewy makeup (credited to Ariel Tejada, aka @MakeupByAriel), her eyebrows are bleached the same shade as her hair, a drastically different look that makes the Skims founder almost unrecognizable. Of course, the transformation is courtesy of Kardashian’s go-to hairstylist, Chris Appleton, who has been tending to the star’s blonde mane since she first made the dramatic switch up — and long before too. “The American dream 🇺🇸,” Appleton wrote in the caption of an Instagram post sharing his latest work for Kardashian.

It’s unclear if Kardashian actually dyed her eyebrows for the shoot or if makeup was used to create a bleached effect, but one thing is for certain; this is unlike anything fans have seen from her before — and considering the frequency in which she changes her look, that’s saying a lot. “This looks nothing like Kim I didn’t even recognize her until I read the caption,” one Instagram user commented on the star’s post. “Another person, basically,” said another. Some are even drawing comparisons to other celebrities, with one commenter saying that Kardashian looks similar to Uma Thurman.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Kim’s cover look, there’s no denying the shock value of her freshly bleached eyebrows, which is probably what she was going for anyway.