Kim Kardashian's Holiday Party Decor Was Finally Revealed

It includes a giant gingerbread house.

Kim Kardashian's holiday party decor

We all caught glimpses of Kim Kardashian’s iconic annual holiday party this week via various celebrity IG posts. A hallway of snow-covered pine trees here, a quick shot of cloth-wrapped presents there — mostly these peeks of decor were backdrops in selfies capturing the stunning fashions that took center stage on Dec 24 (here’s looking at you Kim and your vintage Mugler). But some four days later, the famous host of the annual bash finally got around to sharing the full scope of what A-list guests walked into that epic evening, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Indeed, on Dec 28, Kardashian posted the pre-party imagery of her fully decked out LA abode, which looked every bit the winter wonderland. The aforementioned snow-covered pine trees caught in photos were actually a forest that covered the star’s front yard and indoor walkways throughout her home. And the snow (which was likely faux, but you never know with Kim) didn’t stop there — it was blanketed over every patch of grass and sprinkled over the property’s green landscape with a just-fallen effect.

What appears to be Kardashian’s backyard included a landscape of all-white furniture, floral centerpieces, and softly burning candles which created a romantic wintery ambiance. The blanc decor was broken up by the rich wood tables and flooring that grounded the otherwise stark aesthetic so it didn’t feel overly opulent or stuffy.

Keeping the traditional festive vibes going was a giant, life-sized gingerbread house that was adjacent to a ball pit for kids — and adults — to hop into should the playful urge strike them. This sweet treat of a room included Christmas cookie-like decor and furniture (as well as snowflake-shaped varieties hanging from up top) and a sparkling ceiling designed to resemble a starry night in the North Pole.

It’s not exactly surprising that Kardashian went hard on her holiday party decor — last year’s soirée famously featured an all-red scheme, complete with rich velvet seating and giant carousel horses scattered throughout the house. But it does beg the question: How will she top it next year? Only time will tell. Here’s hoping we’re on the guest list in 2024.