Kim Kardashian’s New Hybrid Hair Color Is The Chicest Way To Do Root Growth

Getting back to her roots.

kim kardashian blonde

Nothing gold can stay, sure — but it looks like platinum is on borrowed time, too. In several high-profile sightings and appearances through New York Fashion Week, it looks like Kim Kardashian might be ready to call it quits on her latest hair color. Amid fittings, parties, and front-row spectating, Kim Kardashian’s blonde, with dark roots peeking through the shimmering platinum, seems to be on its way out. But is Kardashian subtly signaling a return to her natural rich brunette hair color or simply embracing an entirely new trend? Regardless, it’s undeniable that roots are back in a big way — but this time around, they’re meant to be not so much accepted as full-on exalted.

One thing for sure? Kardashian’s dark roots might be natural but they’re certainly intentional. She usually maintains a bit of deep brown root when experimenting with blonde (partly because it’s virtually impossible not to and still maintain hair health) but her recent roots look significantly darker, longer, and more prominent than they did just a few weeks ago. Considering hair usually grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month, Kardashian’s roots appear to be the work of one seriously brilliant colorist.

Chris Appleton, stylist to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa, has been Kardashian’s go-to hair guru for years. On Instagram, he shared a recent photo of her before the roots took full bloom, captioned: “Stay blonde or bring back the black?” Opinions were split evenly, of course, but her current root blend hybrid is the best of both worlds.

There is also the possibility that — regardless of her next color move — Kardashian and Appleton are simply experimenting and playing with the root shadow trend. A color technique that’s built on layering darker shades in nearly a gradient effect, allowing for plenty of hair growth without compromising the look of dye or highlights. It’s the ideal low-maintenance look for those who can’t get to the salon too often — or for those with actual hair salons in their homes but still want to get in on the trend.

All signs sure point to a return to the dark side, but anyone who knows Kardashian knows that what comes next is truly anyone’s guess.