Kerry Washington's Best Manicures Range From Minimalist To Over-The-Top Masterpieces

She nails it every time.


Few can nail a perfect manicure moment like Kerry Washington. Sometimes she’s shellacked in a single glossy shade and other times she opts for a major nail art moment — often in the same week. Here, take a look at all the times Kerry Washington’s nails stole the show.

Sleek in silver, Washington opted for a futuristic chrome nail polish to match her Prada gown. Especially when held next to her diamond-encrusted earrings, the polish simply shines. @kerrywashington
And speaking of love, Washington’s Pride nails were so on theme, with bright rainbow colors, an upbeat nail art message, and a snow-white background to help it all really pop. @kerrywashington
Love is in the air — and all over Kerry Washington’s nails. A swell of cherry red hearts floating across a baby-pink canvas makes up her perfectly on-point Valentine’s Day manicure, the loveliest themed nail look ever.@kerrywashington
Kerry Washington’s manis are always so stellar, it was only a matter of time before she went for one truly out of this world. This constellation of pastel stars, moons, hearts, and swoops is both conversation-starting and relatively minimalist. @kerrywashington
Forget a singular pop of color — Washington’s all about rainbow maximalism with this bright yellow manicure featuring negative space tips by Kim Truong. Acting like a neon sign pointing up at her hair jewels, it’s a bold and beautiful mani.@kerrywashington
Few beauty choices are as subtly sensual as a nude nail polish, and Washington’s glossy brown minimalist manicure proves it. Opting for maximum shine and a natural oval shape, it’s sleek, chic, and doesn’t overpower bright outfits or flashy accessories. @kerrywashington
There are few things Washington loves more than a matching moment, and this custom manicure proves it. Kim Truong designed these tiny gold spade nail details to match Washington’s Kate Spade dress and the result is simply incredible. @kerrywashington
Minimalist and shimmery, meticulously applied crystals might sound incompatible in the same manicure, but Washington proves it’s more than doable — especially when powered by a big mug of coffee. By concentrating the crystals near the cuticle, the decadent mani becomes so versatile.@kerrywashington
Hypnotizing is the best way to describe this swirling, crystal-studded, midnight-blue manicure designed for Washington’s look at the SAG Awards. With Kim Truong keeping most of the detailing to just a few fingers, you’ll notice something different every time you look at it.@kerrywashington
Silver spots on a silver fox — how appropriate! Washington’s chrome-dotted manicure is the perfect in-between for those waffling over a minimalist mani and one adorned with abstract nail art. Leonardo DiCaprio clearly approves, too!@kerrywashington
As fun as nail art can be, it’s not always necessary for a killer manicure. A monochrome moment, like this set of juicy OPI red nails, is another Washington favorite — and it can pack the same punch as a nail art counterpart thanks to shine and shape. @kerrywashington
With the frequency (and versatility) she wears the color, silver might just be Kerry Washington’s favorite nail polish shade. Here, her silver French tips are so striking, they helped usher in the modern French manicure craze.@kerrywashington