Keke Palmer’s Latest Look Could Convince Anyone To Try Blue Eyeshadow

Absolutely mesmerizing.

Keke Palmer long straight hair

To call blue eyeshadow a rather polarizing look might be the beauty industry’s biggest understatement. For some, the eye makeup is synonymous with a decade, like the powdery sky-colored shades of the ‘70s, or its icy, glazed counterparts that ruled through the early ‘00s. For Keke Palmer, though, it’s just part of the average workday. The star is always cycling through major hairstyles and exciting colors while filming her assorted projects — including her “day job” as the host of NBC’s Password game show — but her makeup is just as celebration-worthy. In fact, Palmer’s blue eyeshadow is alluring enough to convince even the most steadfast holdouts to finally go try the look for themselves.

It goes without saying, but of course Palmer’s take on the notorious shade is anything but average. She opted for a shimmery, metallic, nearly wet-looking finish for maximum shine, and a bright peacock-blue color that just screams summertime. Even in the hilariously-filtered video she used to show fans the look on Instagram — she used an animated effect with flames and the caption “When you too hot and they can’t cool you down!” — that particular hue and the eyeshadow’s glistening effect are wildly attention-grabbing.

There are a few key, modernizing elements that help take Palmer’s makeup to the next level. Crucially, that metallic blue shade that extends across her lids is also blurred out through her lower lash line, like a halo around her eyes. It’s anchored by a paler eyeshadow in a similar finish in her inner corners, serving as a brightening highlighter. It could be part of the filter to be fair, but she’s also seemingly wearing a strong gel liner wing and fluffy lashes — they both help define and emphasizes the blues. Finally, there’s her sleek, slicked-down rope braid, which helps keep the focus on her makeup.

As an all-time beauty chameleon, Palmer’s naturally tried blue eyeshadow plenty of times in the past, but this is her first public go-around with this particular shade. Most recently, she wore a deep midnight-blue color paired with a bouncy, ‘90s style blowout back in late January.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying blue out for yourself, it’s time to make like Palmer and go for it with full force.